HUAYUAN has a serial RFID metal mount solutions for industrial applications with different material, shape and processing method, to implement various application requirements such as tagging and tracking metallic asset in logistics and manufacturing industries. The anti-metal RFID tag is an ideal solution for RFID application in metallic surface objects, which technically solves the issue that regular RFID tags can’t be read in metallic environments.

Find your anti-metal RFID tags here:

Versatile RFID UHF Tag

FR4 On Metal UHF RFID Tag

Mount On Metal RFID Tag

Plastic Housing RFID Tag on Metal

Flexible On Metal RFID Tag

RFID AGV Navigation Position Tag

PVC RFID Coin Disc Tag

Micro NFC FPC Sticker Tag

EcoTrack Smart Bin Tag

Worm RFID Waste Bin Tag

ABS RFID Coin Token Tag

Epoxy RFID Mini Tag

UHF RFID Ceramic Tag

Epoxy RFID On Metal Tag

HUAYUAN epoxy RFID on metal tag is special designed for the metal working environment application. Acrylic material with epoxy glossy appearance makes the Anti metal RFID tags shiny and eye-catching.

Printable Flexible UHF RFID Anti-metal Tag

Special designed for thermal printer and easy to be installed directly on a metallic surface or irregular shape objects. Maximum 1.2 mm thickness, this tag usually works in asset management, we can provider solutions include tag and printer together.

Plastic Housing UHF RFID Tag

Embedded RFID UHF transponder in a robust plastic housing like ABS/Nylon, make the tags could be surfferred in harsh environments, widely used on logistics tracking and industry equipment management. And easy to install by adhesive or screw fixing.


Common used UHF RFID anti-metal tags with FR4 substrate. Various size from 10mm to 100mm to match different application scenarios. Good performance and low cost make it popular on the market.

Ceramic RFID Tag

Metal mount ceramic RFID tag benefit from ceramic outstanding permittivity, Ceramic is a ideal substrate for liminited space but higher read performance on directl metal mount applications. Embed UHF RFID chip ceramic base and silver printing antenna , it can  suffer high temperature environment, achieve 2-3 metersread distance.

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