Since RFID is sensitive to metal environment, reading distance to normal RFID tags is very short or even unreadable once attached on metal surfaces, thus data collection is facing great challenges. HUAYUAN flexible RFID on metal tag, designed for tagging metal objects and surfaces, as well as challenging non-metal objects. Its flexible anti-metal ferrite layer and optimized antenna design outstanding performance used in many application areas, and balanced read distances for on and off metal consistency.

The flexible anti-metal UHF label is very thin, the thickness is less than 1.2mm, providing a reliable solution for on-site printing RFID asset tag needs, the tag could be easily printed and encoded using RFID printer (such as SATO CL4NX,Toshiba SX-5).

The on metal RFID label is soft and flexible, suitable for flat or slightly curved metal surfaces, such as IT asset, medical device, metal pipe, metal container etc. It’s a high performance, cost efficient anti-metal RFID tag that is lightweight, flexible, printable and versatile, and with lower cost than most RFID hard metal tags. So far, HUAYUAN has launched a series of cost effective flexible anti-metal RFID tags.

Features of Printable On Metal RFID Tag

  • Ideal RFID performance on metal surface
  • Ultra-small and ultra-thin design, only 1mm, suitable for thermal transfer printing
  • Flexible tag can be fit on curve surface
  • Long reading range up to 8 meters after attached on metal
  • Support FCC and ETSI frequency
  • IP68 Protection

Specifications of Printable On Metal RFID Tag

Product nameFlexible Printable UHF RFID Tag
Substrate materialPET
Dimension60*25*1.2mm (HYMT6025R6P)
70*25*1.26mm (HYMT7025R6P-T)
65*35*1.2mm (HYMT6535U8)
20*20*0.85mm (HYMT2020R6P)
FrequencyFCC: 902-928MHz; ETSI: 866-868MHz
ProtocolEPC Global Gen2  ISO/IEC 18000-6C
ChipMonza R6-P, UCODE 8
EPC128 bits
User32 bits
Read rangeUp to 8 meters
Temperature resistance-20℃ ~ 85℃
CraftsSelf-adhesive,fit for curve surface
PersonalizationPrinting & Encoding
PrinterZebra, SATO

Applications of Flexible On Metal RFID Tag

  • IT asset management, medical facilities
  • Inventory management identification in metal items
  • Identity for industrial pipeline manufacturing and metal parts
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Fire extinguishers, scaffolding, steel trays, trolleys, beer barrels, gas cylinders, mechanical parts, liquid tanks, paint bucketsmanagement
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