HUAYUAN had developed and kept improvement of high performance and durability RFID laundry tags from 2008, there are millions RFID laundry tags had been worked uninterruptedly day and night in the worldwide for linen and clothing tracking. More and more RFID laundry applications was roll out to upgrade traditional laundry system for linen industry, rental linen, laundry business worldwide. HUAYUAN had a serial RFID tag solution which can easily insert in linens in hotelshealth careworkwear. There are 95% linen items waiting for RFID embedded in coming decade.

RAIN RFID laundry tag is design for attached on linen and clothing items for automatic tracing and tracking and inventory purpose in management system, it was widely applied as an innovation management for laundry industry efficiency, especially after COVID-19 pandemic.

RFID laundry tags should withstand the most rigorous laundry environments including sterilization, high-pressure water extractors, high temperature and repeated washing and drying.

HUAYUAN offers a selection of RFID laundry tags in LF (125kHz), HF (13.56MHz), as well as RAIN RFID works on UHF (860-950MHz) compliance EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ( ISO 18000-63) as a mainstream products in present laundry management.

HLT RFID Textile UHF Laundry Tag

HUAYUAN had developed and improved HLT RAIN RFID textile laundry tag production since 2018, as the main format of RFID laundry tag, it is critical for industrial laundry management that the tag should keep stable and robust in the whole lifespan of every laundry tag, keep good consistency of performance is most challenge for a laundry tag after hundreds time chemical, heat, and pressure working environment. The material of component and production of HLT tag had been improved and upgrade dozens of times, several self-creative designs of the HLT tag can been used in our production to keep the antenna and chip package strong enough in industrial laundry processes.

UHF RFID Laundry Tag compliance with the ISO 18000-63, and EPC C1 G2, with a nice performance covered band of the UHF spectrum (global frequency), include ETSI (865.6 ~ 867.6MHz), FCC ( 902 ~ 928MHz), and LBT (Japan) 916.7-923.5MHz. by at least 6 Meters read range (19 feet) 30 dbm. HLT RFID laundry tag could be implemented by stitching, heat-sealed, hanging, or pouched. The updating RFID chip UCODE 9 or UCODE 8 was used in HLT laundry tag with top performance and sensitivity in the world, by typical sizes 70*15mm, 55*12mm, and any customized size etc.

HUAYUAN Textile RAIN UHF RFID Laundry Tag Profiles:

To fulfil a flexible, thin but robust and durable RFID laundry tag to firmly attached on linen or textile asset whole lifespan, the RFID tag need to be designed and produced in a special encapsulation.

There are three parts of HLT laundry RFID tag: mini sized near field RFID transponder with double PCB layer, copper antenna with RFID Micro-chip in QFN package sandwiched. It can be work in several centimeters. Wrapped and sealed for detergents chemical solution protection, 200 strands of stainless-steel fibers plaited as the antenna of laundry tag, stitched on polyester cotton blended fabric sheet. It works as an amplifier, HLT laundry tag can be activated 7-8 meters from reader antenna in range of RFID field strengths. A finished HLT laundry tag was laminated by another polyester fabric layer before laser-die-cut, and cutting both ends of the metal antenna.

HLT laundry tag with cube is a upgrading edition of laundry tag, the RFID core part is replace by a 3x3x0.7mm cube with near field antenna and UHF chip integrated inside, the physical for better structural strength and better integration and protection.

A serial of strict quality control and testing are deployed in every procedure of production, until the final package for delivery, all products are 100% strictly tested before shipment.

We had RFID UHF laundry linen tags data collection tunnel or inventory cabin for your optional choice.

HST UHF Silicone RFID Laundry Tag

UHF Silicone Laundry Tag the state-of-the-art invention for industrial laundry applications, is waterproof, soft, chemical properties of stability. The UHF silicone laundry tag can be washed more than 300 times, and suitable for washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing.

HLB RFID Button NFC Laundry Tag

As a classic NFC RFID products, HLB PPS button RFID laundry tag is produced by twice-injection molding production. It is waterproof and high resistant to aggressive liquids and assures reliable performance and stability reading across fluctuating temperatures. RFID over molding laundry tag is one of the sturdiest and most resilient encapsulated RFID tags available in the market. It is an ideal solution for tracking linens, uniforms, and other garments. HLB laundry tag had been applied in European countries’ military uniform for years.

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