The RFID technology plays an important role in IoT and Industry 4.0 as the typical way to connect a physical item in reality to a virtual digital data in IT system automatically when an RFID tag been tagged.  The RFID technology expands every corner of the modern society as a sign of the big data era. HUAYUAN is a player among digital data media technology manufacturers. We had experiences to the age of barcode, magnetic strap recording, contact IC chip to the passive RFID (contactless) era. HUAYUAN had produced all products above, with the technology growth and market expanding.

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Main Application

Laundry RFID

HUAYUAN flexible linen RFID laundry tags for applications in tracking textile elements for industry, healthcare, hospitality, elderly homes, and other kinds of communities. The RFID laundry tag plays an important role in the identification and management of clothing, linen, and fiber. The application of RFID linen tags can reduce the mistake in the operation and improve work efficiency, therefore achieving effective management such as fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory, clothing took.

Apparel & Retail

HUAYUAN thoroughly understand the pain points and new processes and technology that help you manage your apparel inventory with a new level of efficiency. Without a clear picture of your current inventory and methods for responding to needed actions, your customer service is impacted, your costs are higher because you have to carry excess stock, and your profits are lower due to sales lost to out-of-stocks.

Industrial Applications

For optimizing production processes the system needs to monitor itself through autonomous information exchange with individual products and product carriers. Thanks to RFID technology, it is possible to fully automate production processes and to organize the data the best possible sequence directly at the process point and to make sure products can find their way by themselves.
HUAYUAN RFID tags have been designed also to be used in various RFID industrial applications under the most extreme conditions. For example, RFID tags that can withstand not only high temperature, but also constant heating and cooling cycles without losing the data inside the chip.

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