HUAYUAN was founded in 1995, and experienced all processes of Chinese Smart card and RFID industry growing up. HUAYUAN has been involved in Auto-ID industry from the first E-ticket in China for the AFC system for Shanghai Metro line 1 from 1994.

HUAYUAN has produced millions of smart cards and developed several big IT management systems in China for government administration.

HUAYUAN has been one of the leaders of “Smart Card Personalization Solution” preparing all technical preparation for over 1 billion pieces Chinese 2nd generation ID with RFID chip embedded, and personalization information printed by HP Indigo digital printer.

In 2006, HUAYUAN has been invited to enter European market by commercial consultants and associations from European countries, providing RFID card and card-prelam for many European clients.

With RFID technology widely expanding into diversity of industries all over the world, millions of our RFID products applied in automation, IoT, asset management systems in Europe and US from HUAYUAN monthly.

HUAYUAN has invested HUAYUAN Tech GmbH in Düsseldorf to provide technical support and fast delivery for European market, HUAYUAN with comprehensive know-how in RFID technology and experience in mass high-quality production, has built great cooperation with many leaders of different industries and associations like GS1, EECC, AIM, e.g.

Now our HLT RAIN RFID laundry tag, ECO RFID tag, plastic RFID cards / tags, satisfied from our clients in applications for asset tracking assets in various applications many industries.

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