A Few Things You Should Know About RFID On Metal Tag

Since the metal surface will reflect the energy emitted by the RFID reader and interfere with the antenna of the RFID tag, reducing the efficiency of the electromagnetic field, it is challenging to install or embed RFID tags on metal, especially UHF RFID tags are more susceptible to metal interference. As long as you choose the correct RFID equipment for your environment and application, you won’t need to worry about interference from metal.

Here’s a few things to help you get started:

1, Which Industries are Using RFID Anti-metal Tags?

Metal mount RFID tags are very suitable for asset management and tool tracking in medical equipment, IT, laptops and servers, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas pipelines, vehicle tracking and identification, and many other related industries. With the latest development of RFID technology, the possible application range of Mount on metal RFID tag is becoming wider and wider.

1, Warehouse asset management, shelf identification, metal asset tracking, etc.;
2, Indoor equipment management, household equipment products, company fixed asset management, etc.;
3, IT asset management, computer mainframes, switches, server chassis, aluminum bars, etc.;
4, Sheet metal management, sheet metal classification, management and tracking, etc.;
5, Medical equipment management, large-scale medical equipment, surgical equipment, etc.;
6, Outdoor asset management, power equipment, IT assets, pressure vessels, gas cylinders, etc.;
7, Mold production line management, parts process management, tool management, pallet management, etc.;
8, Logistics management, truck tracking, cargo tracking, etc.

2, What are the Common RFID On Metal Tags

Each anti-metal tag has its own characteristics and suitable for different working environments, and the price is also different. Here are some HUAYUAN RFID On Metal Tags.

RFID anti-metal stickers are cheap and suitable for large-volume and budget-limited applications;

ABS anti-metal tags are encapsulated in a plastic hard shell, which is waterproof, high temperature and impact resistance, and is suitable for metal objects in harsh outdoor environments Tracking;

PCB/FR4 anti-metal tags are small in size, suitable for applications with limited installation size, such as tool management and electronic device tracking;

RFID sucker tag, The most notable feature of RFID coupling tags is that they convert metal objects into power, increasing the reading distance and can be read from the back of the metal and is widely used in the tracking and management of gas cylinders and beer kegs;

Flexible RFID anti metal label can be bent and can be affixed to curved surfaces, such as metal pipes, and are very thin, and can be printed on site. Suitable for most RFID printers currently on the market.

3, How to Choose The Right RFID Anti-metal Tag?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an RFID anti-metal tag in a specific application, such as cost, material, size, shape, installation method, working environment and reading distance, etc., and many factors will affect the electronic performance of the tag.

If you think RFID anti metal tags are only required when used on the surface of the metal, you must change your mind. Because the label is not directly affixed to the metal does not mean that it will not be disturbed by the metal. If there is a lot of metal around where RFID tags are installed, RFID tags are also prone to interference.

So, choosing RFID on metal tags, we must carefully judge to ensure that the performance of tags is stable and reliable. If you also do not know how to choose RFID tags, feel free to contact us, we have a professional technical and sales team to serve you.

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