UHF RFID Tag for Liquid Tracking

A common UHF RFID tag is unable read and inventory on liquid package like beverage bottle. Even pure water and most liquids have a high dielectric constant ranging from 10 to 80. This means that they have a strong ability to absorb and store RF electromagnetic fields. The higher the dielectric constant of the liquid, the greater the impact on RFID performance.

When the RFID antenna radiation RF signals, liquid high dielectric constant will lead to rapid attenuation of the signal in the liquid, the energy is absorbed, thus reducing the effective radiation distance. In addition, the liquid will cause multiple reflections and phase distortion, affecting the accurate reception of the signal.

UHF RFID Tags for Liquid Tracking in Market

There is several way of UHF RFID tag to get rid of influence from liquid influence.

1, Thicken Foam RFID Tag
Increase the thickness of tag to keep a distance from liquid. When a specific designed RFID transponder place under face stock on the second layer of tag, a foam thickness 1-3 mm sandwiched inside tags to keep a distance from liquid surface, it’s similar as metal mount RFID tag. however the cost, printability, even tag installation or converting are unsatisfied.

2, RFID Flag Tag

The flag RFID tag (or flying RFID tag) is a cheapest solution for massive delivery. A part of RFID tag is design for keep a free fair area from liquid bottle surface, so it can be produced as same a normal RFID tag, but the partial adhesive coated for installation on bottle, the rest of tag space will be keep apart to get enough RFID signal to activate the RFID tag performance. it’s the cheapest way if there is enough space, we had produced millions of tags for beverage retail store. However, some of tag may stick together when bottle in a cart in retail, and some of bottle may lost tag.

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HUAYUAN Coupling Liquid 3D UHF RFID Tag

HUAYUAN had been faced world top brands of beverage, household chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and biologics. After years R&D of solutions on liquid, we had a self-patent design of UHF RFID tag for directly attached on liquid container surface by 1-3 meters read range, can be also printed as the common RFID tag in roll on thermal transfer printer. The RF operation principle of this tag is the capacitive coupling effect on UHF, different from the usual RFID tag. It can be produced in the same way as conventional tags with reasonable cost, with the addition of a near-field coupling loop for better performance in group reading.

It need customized design for individual application with a scale volume, and the size of the tag should not small than a credit card size for good bulk reading performance for inventory on site.

Typical cases are for plasma and liquid pharmacies and biochemicals products tracking even under cryo-environment, and acholic.

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