Which IoT Applications Use Cryo Deep Freeze RFID Labels

Since normal RFID tags are prone to fall off or failure workable in deep freeze scenarios. Therefore, RFID management in many low temperature working environment requires the deep freeze cryo RFID labels.

Here are some applications as following:

1 Whole Process of Vaccine Management

Frequent incidents of fake vaccines, expired vaccines, and invalid vaccines have caused serious problems for the users and the society. The use of dcryogenic RFID labels can achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability management of vaccines, vaccine shelf life, batch management, etc.

The maintenance of refrigerated temperatures for vaccines from the time they are manufactured through their shipment and delivery to health care facilities until their administration to patients.

The cryogenic RFID label tag can also realize the management of the temperature records of vaccine logistics and storage, thereby preventing vaccine failure problem caused by the problematic storage temperature.

2 Virus Security Management

Viruses are a class of parasites in living cells that are smaller than bacteria, no cell structure, but only one type of nucleic acid. Once infected, it can cause viral harm. In the study of viruses, the importance of good management is self-evident.

Virus samples are usually stored in a Extra-Low Temperatures environment. Using cryo deep freeze RFID tags can achieve quick inventory, rapid identification and search, and anti-loss management in virus management.

3 RFID in Blood Chain Tracking

RFID technology for blood tracking in blood banking can well solve blood collection, transportation, deployment, and lay a good foundation for IoT. The storage temperature of fresh frozen plasma is below -20℃, which requires the flexible passive RFID tag to withstand low temperature on the basis of meeting medical corresponding non-toxicity.

4 Sperm & Ovum BanksManagement

RFID technology has a widely used in sperm banks, ovum banks, and reproductive centers. RFID tags can track, record and create a comprehensive record of each patient’s ovum, sperm and embryo during fertility treatment.

RFID technology can pair the right patients automatically which can help to reduce the risk of sample mixing or improper handling. Cryogenic RFID tags to can track samples to ensure that ovum, sperm and embryos are properly matched.

The specially designed RFID reader ensures that the doctor can only process one sample at a time. If samples marked by incompatible RFID tags come into contact with each other, the system will trigger an alarm and stop subsequent procedures. The reader also ensures that the sample is stored at the right temperature.

5 Laboratory Samples Management

RFID technology has many applications in laboratory management, such as vials, microtubes, reagents, test tubes, instruments, equipment and other assets management.

In the laboratory samples management, because the storage and processing of some samples need to be performed in a low temperature, this requires RFID tag that can withstand the deep-freeze storage environment

6 Medical Testing Kits Management

In the medical field, it is often encountered that samples are scattered and collected, and then transferred to the relevant qualified medical inspection institutions for testing. In the handover process of the relevant departments, it is necessary to take inventory of the handover samples, including the quantity and the samples information. Here, the drawbacks of traditional bar code are slow inventory and the low efficiency, and error-prone. The long inventory time is not conducive to the preservation of samples.

Combined with RFID technology, the cryo RFID labels can realize rapid inventory, and improve efficiency; shorten the inventory time, ensure quality and reduce errors in the transfer process.

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