Cryo Deep Freeze UHF RFID Label Tag

Deep Freeze RFID Label Challenge

The cryogenic storage industry faces many challenges in maintaining the correct freezing temperature, the freezing temperature of samples to stem cell vial research materials and fertility specimens ranges from -80°C [-112°F] to -196°C [-321°F]. Operators must obey the government orders. And the storage facilities must record samples’ accurate information, position, description and processing procedures. Samples were identified by handwritten or printed labels. Then developed to identified by barcode. However these vial and tube labels are easily peel off or damaged which are difficult to identified when store at deep freeze temperature. It is so difficult to search the specific samples. With the increase of storage facilities, the need to strengthen supervision is becoming stronger and stronger, and the process of manually reviewing is complicated, long-time and prone to errors. Implement deep-freeze RFID label in the hospitals, medical companies and labs is on their agendas.

Nowdays, RFID tags widely used in various applications in room temperature and high temperature, up to 200°C. On the other hand, in healthcare applications, biological samples need to be kept below -135°C [-211°F] to avoid degradation. Such cryo track RFID tag is big challenge. However, RFID implement is proven security system that several hospitals and research laboratories have deployed the RFID RFID system. The RFID vial and tube labels are used for cancer and stem cell research.

HUAYUAN launched cryogenic RFID tags, self-developed RFID transponder assembling with special adhesivity and face stock material which could attached on specimens, medicine, vaccines containers, like glass tubes, plastic droppers, bottles, burettes. And these items could stored in liquid nitrogen for years. Moreover, we provide customized RFID tags to satisfied different requirements for applications, include RFID size, performance, working frequency, and target working cryonic environments and tag printing requests. We can provide corresponding RFID read devices, inventory hardware for group speedy data collections.

RFID Liquid nitrogen label Features

  • Could be stored in liquid nitrogen for years.
  • Facestock and adhesive comply with medical qualification
  • Printable
  • Custom dimension

Merits of RFID Laboratory label

  1. Enhance accuracy: Fast locate and identify samples
  2. Optimize storage space: Enhance storage transparency, and optimize the utilization of Dewar
  3. Ensure sample safety
  4. Save time and cost

Specification of Deep Freeze Cryo RFID Label

ProductDeep freeze RFID label
Operating Frequency860-960MHz
ProtocolISO18000-6C, EPC Gen2
Manufacturer of ICH3/MONZA 4E/R6-P/UCODE7/8/9
FrequencyUser Memory512/128/64/32/0/0 Bits
EPC Memory96/496/96/128/128/128 Bits
TID/Unique TID64/48/48/48/48 Bits
Password32 Bits Access Password
32 Bits Kill Password
Operating ModePassive
IC Life100,000pcs programming cycles
50 years data retention

Why Choose HUAYUAN Cryo RFID Label

  • The first one in the industry to participate in the deep freeze label project, Huayuan has a wealth of experience, especially for test tubes and tapered tubes, and has deep research on ultra-low temperature printing, ultra-low temperature labeling solutions, etc.;
  • Participated in the domestic sperm bank management project, and long-term supply of liquid nitrogen RFID labels for this project; Participated in several foreign laboratory Cryogenic RFID label projects and has entered the later stage of testing.

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