HDX Protocol Passive RFID Tags

Although passive RFID applications have been very popular from low frequency, high frequency to UHF and other numerous RFID standards, respectively in a variety of different applications. But only a low frequency HDX half-duplex RFID, Compliance ISO11783/4 still has its special vitality. Due to the fact that the internal capacitance of HDX chip is hundreds to thousands of times higher than that of ordinary Passive RFID. In some special applications, it is irreplaceable although HDX has a high price and low global usage compared with FDX.

With an HDX-based system, either the reader or tag is transmitting, but not both. A passive HDX tag has an integrated charge capacitor in the transponder. When the reader first connects, it charges the capacitor. When the reader stops transmitting, the HDX transponder is then powered by the charged capacitor and is able to transmit the requested data to the reader.

HUAYUAN can provide various HDX RFID tags

There are 3 types of passive RFID technology in different characters.

1, RFID Worm Tag for Waste Management

HUAYUAN had produces millions waste management RFID waste bin tag for EU market in recent years, almost 0 quality compliance and perfect performance with HDX and FDX. Dedicated to strict top quality command and considerate purchaser support, our experienced staff customers are always available to discuss your necessities and be certain full client gratification for Fast delivery 134.2kHz HDX passive durable RFID waste bin worm tag, In addition, we would properly guideline the customers about the application techniques to adopt our solutions and the way to select appropriate materials.

2, HDX RFID Glass Tag

HUAYUAN’s passive LF HDX glass tag assembled with a powerful micro-chip integrated a chargeable capacitor, it can sent data to reader after it been charged by LF reader and transmit the data when reader was stop to transmitting, HUAYUAN LF HDX tags provide a better RFID performance compared to FDX-base tags by enhance the performance extra 50% increasing in read range, though the HDX-based reader was some complex then FDX readers. Consider that during an FDX transmission, the reader must separate the tag signal from its own transmission and any ambient noise. With an HDX-based tag, because the tag does not have to compete with the reader’s transmission, the reader can use simpler decoding techniques. The result is higher reliability, greater range, and lower reader cost.


The automatic guided vehicle (AGV) can accurately drive on a particular path to avoid obstacles in an unmanned environment by autonomous navigation and site. Nowadays, HDX AGV RFID transponder is widely applied to automated warehousing, factory material transfer systems, logistics picking systems, flexible assembly systems, and other intelligent transportation sites. Our HDX AGV RFID tags have outstanding performance in harsh environment.

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