UHF RFID Tag for Postal and Logistics


Radio frequency identification is becoming a modern trend in many sectors. It provides a contactless identification, tracking and tracing of goods, property and people in real time. Increase efficiency, performance and competitiveness. One area of application of RFID technology is also postal processes.

The accuracy and timeliness of information is the key for supply chain and logistics management. This is precisely the most prominent advantage of RFID parcel tracking tag. The goods are labeled with RFID tags, and the accurate reading result can be got without package be opened in high speed. Relevant information about the products stored in this small RFID tag, such as types, carriers, origins, destinations, transportation links, and the like. The other key benefit to RFID system is it can realize real-time monitoring of goods during the whole supply chain process. From raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, transportation, warehousing, distribution, shelves, final sales, and even return processing, which not only improves the degree of automation, but also can greatly reduce the error rate. It significantly improves the transparency and management efficiency of the supply chain.

Postal RFID Tag

The efficient and accurate tracking attracts more and more postal companies using postal RFID tags instead of barcode label. Today, postal operations have implemented RFID in various closed-loop systems to measure, monitor, and improve operations. RFID enabled parcels, their vehicles and trailers, with multiple paybacks often being enjoyed. RFID is enhancing security and safety and removing tedious operations.

Take China Post for example who launches waybill with RFID tag, and its operating efficiency has increased nearly 300 times. China Post Express Logistics is the first in the express delivery industry to adopt chip-side orders. With the self-developed“third-generation RFID face-to-face” optimization technology. It realizes fast automatic scanning, batch automatic review, and faulty parts positioning, which greatly shortens the collection and distribution. Morever, Swedish Post has a parcel that detects and records tampering using RFID and other innovations abound, including RFID cards controlling driver access to postal vehicles and RFID enabled postal sorting equipment.

HUAYUAN postal RFID tag, which already been used for Deutsche Post, can be ordered for customized antenna to get to fine adjust the specific product cause the deviation of frequency performance on every individual material. HUAYUAN had much experience in design a customized RFID for an ideal target performance in the logistic and supply chain process.

Our advantage including:

  • Over 2 decades RFID experience in designing and manufacturing.
  • RFID antenna R&D with AL/Copper etching or Graphene printing for customized performance and specification.
  • World class quality with fast and stable product delivery.
  • Rich experience in offering billions RFID tags for top level projects.
  • Competitive price and high-quality products for Europe and US market.

Factory Directly supply postal RFID tag, customer satisfaction is our goal. We’re looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for yourself. We warmly welcome you to contact us, E-mail us your specifications or inquiries today: info@huayuansh.com

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