Healthcare RFID is a complicated industry for operating, which includes the identification, regulating, tracking and documenting etc. More and more hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers are searching for better methods to control costs, increase efficiency and ensure the welling of their patients.

As an efficient and secure way, RFID solutions for healthcare not only stimulate the economic advancement but also provide the enormous support for the healthcare processes. RFID is capable of automatically tracking or identifying personnel and patients, pharmaceuticals, instruments, medical devices, blood bags and kinds of samples. Furthermore, RFID helps to prevent human errors and medical malpractice. That’s why HUAYUAN has developed a number of high-quality Healthcare products, including RFID tamper proof tags, RFID Labels that provide hospitals, pharmacists, and those they are treating with vital information.

Due to a variety of reasons, adoption of RFID technology by the Healthcare industry has been sluggish these years. On one hand, the payback is less immediately visible than what most companies prefer; On the other hand, many companies are reluctant to invest in a technology which has not yet widely adopted.

However, the proper protocols and use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the healthcare industry is emerging at a fast rate, which could prevent outbreaks by ensuring instruments are properly tracked and classified. Moreover, RFID applications can provide significant benefits to the healthcare industry to ensure patient safety and improve supply chain efficiency because it operates without line-of-sight while providing read/write capabilities for dynamic item tracking

Regarding to Healthcare RFID medical ID tags, There are five solutions developed specially for hospital.

HUAYUAN offers Healthcare products

Type #1: Cryo RFID Label for Sperm Bank

HUAYUAN has developed a Cold resistant RFID tag with -70 degrees and -97 degrees below zero, which is specifically targeted at the application of the hospital sperm bank.

Type #2: Long Range RFID MiGHTAG Wristband

HUAYUAN has been developed a solution, RAIN UHF Long range MiGHTAG Wristband , embedded a Wearable UHF RFID tag specially design for human body attached, and guarantee the performance in real application by a tight serious control over the production processes. We solves UHF Gen2 Wristband long read range problem perfectly.

Long Range RFID Wristband Advantage:

  1. Long read distance Up to 7m after be wore on human wrist
  2. High consistency, Performance difference within 30cm
  3. Germany Wacker Silicone R250 Material
  4. Frequency: ETSI, FCC, Japan
  5. Customized Logo printing, number printing/engraving, EPC encoding

Type #3: Patient ID RFID Wristband

Patient ID RFID Wristband Advantage:

  1. Technology: 100% pure nano-silicon, refined through 16 processes
  2. Quality: The material issuper soft, does not hurt your hands, and the handwriting is very clear and continuous without being blurred.
  3. Safety: Non-toxic, tasteless, antibacterial and anti-allergic
  4. Guarantee: Truly zero complaints, high-quality wristbands make your customersrelationship more stronger.
  5. RFID: It can be implanted with RFID chip HF, UHF, and trace the source.

Type #4: Mother Enfant ID wristband

The Mother Enfant ID wristband ensures the safety of the patient in the maternity ward. The serial numbers on the two wristbands (one is the mother’s wristband and the other is the baby’s wristband) are the same, thus eliminating all possibilities of confusion.

Patient identification ensures the safety and traceability of the hospital center. Non-transferable, this monitoring medical wristband is highly resistant to water, soap and cleaning products.

The hospital’s identification wristband fastening system ensures unparalleled security.

Mother Enfant ID wristband Advantage:

  1. Non-transferable fastening system
  2. Sturdy
  3. Safe to use
  4. Customizable

All of RFID Medical ID tags can be flexible and customized by your side,

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