HUAYUAN Waterproof Washable RFID Tags for Laundry Management Systems

RFID technology moves fast in all areas around the world as the development of industry. Some industrial laundry processes like laundry Chain, textile identification and sorting can be greatly enhanced by using RFID technology. Tiny RFID tags attached or sewed to garments, uniforms, linens or mats the ownership of the items is securely defined. HUAYUAN RFID Laundry Tag can withstand the most rigorous laundry environments including sterilization, high-pressure water extractors, high temperature and repeated washing and drying. It can be over than 200 times press washing. HUAYUAN laundry tag uses environmentally friendly material, which is non-poisonous to clothes, is widely used in many areas and could be made into various size and shape to your request. 

UHF fabric laundry tag, which is designed working in high speed, high pressure and chemical resistance in industrial laundry applications. It’s reading distance up to six meters (19 feet). UHF Fabric Laundry Tag could be installed by sewn, heat-sealed or pouched as you request. Its performance can be ensured after more than 200 press washing cycles. HUAYUAN UHF Fabric Laundry is used in many different applications, industrial washing, management of uniforms, medical apparel management, military clothing management, personnel patrol management.

HUAYUAN UHF RFID Laundry Tags Specifications:

  • Dimension: 70 x 15 x 1.5mm / 75 x 11 x 1.5mm or customized
  • Recycle washing: At least 200 times
  • Frequency: 865 ~ 928MHz
  • Mechanical Resistance : Up to 60 bars
  • Assembly: Heat sealing or sewing
  • Ironing Temperature: 180℃(356°F), 10 seconds, 200 cycles
  • Washing Temperature: 90℃(194°F), 15 minutes, 200 cycle
  • Chip: Impinj MONZA R6P

HUAYUAN Washable RFID Laundry Tags Key feature:

  • Durable structure: Ultrasonic hot pressing instead of simple adhesive by glue. 
  • More than 200 times press washing type.
  • Flexible and soft, easily be sewn into linen or inserted a pocket.
  • Anti-collision, heat resistant, withstand pressure.
  • 100% function tested

RFID is a wireless technology that uses electromagnetic fields to transmit data through tags,  which carry electronically stored information and are close enough to textiles to be automatically identified and tracked.

The RFID system consists of tag that carries the data and a reading system that reads the data and sends it to the computer system.

The reader transmits low-power radio signals through its antenna; This signal is picked up by the tag (via its own antenna) to drive the integrated circuit (chip)

When the signal enters the radio field, the tag uses energy to extract from the signal and has a brief conversation with the reader to validate, control, and exchange data. Once the data is received by the reader, it is sent to the controlling computer for processing and management.

HUAYUAN UHF Fabric laundry tag is used in industrial laundry every region of the world. HUAYUAN offers state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to RFID tags which with market-leading performance. All of tags are produced by world class facilities. Regarding for UHF Fabric laundry tag, it can be faster textiles identification and control, reduce manual labor and non-value added activities and improve the work efficiency. HUAYUAN also provides you solutions according to your requirement. You are welcome to visit us at Germany or Shanghai office.

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