HUAYUAN HLT RAIN RFID Textile Laundry Tags are designed to work stably enduring harsh laundry processes for sterilization, heat laundry, cleaning, drying and ironing for hundreds of cycles of laundering, and keep in great consistency of RFID performance after hundred times washing guarantee the wonderful tracking and inventory property of lifespan of the linen, clothing and any textile items.


  • Excellent performance, cost-effective, great consistence for hundred laundry cycles.
  • Flexible, thin and soft for stitching, pouched, or heat sealed on textile items.
  • Up to 4 Million tags monthly yield, 100% inspection before delivery.
  • Warrantee 200 times industrial laundry.

Specification of Fabric Textile UHF RFID Laundry Tag

ComplianceEPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
Frequency860~928 MHz, FCC, ETIS or customized
Micro ChipNXP UCODE 8, UCOCE 9
MemoryUCODE 8: EPC 96/128bits, User 0/32bits, access
UCODE 9: EPC 96bits, User 0bits, access password 0bit password 32bits
Read RangeUp to 5mUp to 7m
Data Storage50 years
Lifetime200 wash cycles or 2 years
MaterialCotton 65% / Polyester 30% Blended fabric
Product weightAround 0.4~0.5g
Delivery format100-300 pieces in Separately
PackageAntistatic package / carton
Electronic Performance
Laundry Cycle PerformanceWashing: +90°C (194°F) / 60 minutes
Drying: +180°C (356°F) / 3 minutes (dehydration press: 35 bar)
Ironer: 195°C (383°F) / 30 seconds < 18 bars
Water Extractor Press: 60 bars
Sterilization Process: +134°C (273°F) / 20 minutes
Life time200 times of industrial laundry with water extraction press drying
Chemical resistant100% proof for normal laundry solutions.
CertificationSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, MRI, SGS
Assembly methodSewing (thread installation Thermal seal 0.4MPa

Installation of Fabric UHF RFID Laundry Tag

  • Stitching: Directly attached on linen avoid the fold line for better read performance.
  • Pouching: Seal the HLT RFID laundry tag in pouch for stitching pouch on textile.
  • Heat sealed: 195°C for 30 seconds < 18 bars

Applications of Fabric Textile Washable UHF RFID Laundry Tag

  • Industrial Laundry, Uniforms laundry and identification for distribute
  • Hotel bedding and towel laundry management
  • Hospital and health card apparel laundry
  • Both material and design have been tested for reliability

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