Hotels, hospitals, laundry facilities, or linen rental companies have a sorting process for laundering purposes. The traditional industry laundry process is a pretty arduous work as it needs employees spend several hours sorting out each piece of laundry product.

Thanks to the RFID technology development, the RFID laundry tags can emancipate workers from such a heavy work and thus improve the working efficiency and reduce the error rate. With an RFID laundry tracking system, RFID tags are attached to each piece of laundry product, and when the RFID tags move through the assembly line, the RFID reader reads the tags and software determines what type of textile is being read, and directs it to the next workflow.

The PPS RFID button tag is the most common one of the RFID laundry tags, which is small size and shaped in button. It’s twice injection moulding design and suitable for harsh laundry environment such as press type laundry machine, dry cleaning and ironing.

Waterproof RFID Laundry Tag Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Designed for harsh environment.
  • Twice injection moulding technics.
  • Simultaneous Identification of Tags
  • Exceptional temperature performance, oil, chemic solutions.
  • Different dimensions option allow for optimum ratio of size.

Specification of PPS Button RFID Laundry Tag

DimensionDia. 20/24.5mm or customized
Thickness3mm +/-0.1mm
ColorDefault black; If other colors, MOQ is 3000pcs
AttachmentSewn in/on, Heat Sealed
IP RatingIP65 (condition: water pressure 45bar, 10h)
CharacterFlexible, Easy-to-install, Easytouse, Waterproof, Dampproof, Anti-Vibration,and High Temperature Resistance.
Operating Temperature-30°C ~ +200°C
Peak Temperature160°C 3h, 220°C 30min
Application– Laundry Application
– Property Tracking
– Item Identification
– Process Flow Improvement
Mechanical StabilityAxial compression strength: 1000N
Radial compression strength: 500N
Chemical ResistanceTypical chemicals used in laundry and dry-cleaning processes
Washable timeMore than 100 times
Custom LogoSilk-Screen Printing / Laser Engrave
ID Number PrintingJet Dot Printing, Laser Engrave
Read RangeLF: 3-10 CM
HF: 1-50 CM
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