UHF RFID Textile Tags for Hotel Linen Inventory Tracking

Hotels have a large number of covers, bed sheets, bath towels which are important assets. Linen, as a traditional industry in the field of hotel service providers, has been accompanied by the development of the hotel industry and has become an important part of the hotel service. Each day, the linen returns to the hotel in a number of stages. While the linens transferred to the cleaning factory, it is difficult for the hotel to track the location and quantity of the linens and confirm whether they have all been returned. No matter it is a star hotel or an economic chain hotel, linen is an indispensable important material. All kinds of hotels face with thousands of linen handover, laundry, sorting, storage and other processes. How to effectively complete the daily handover of scrubbers, track and manage the laundry process, times, inventory status and effective classification of scrubbers of each piece is a great challenge.

Hotel Linen Inventory Tracking with RFID

In conclusion, traditional management methods can no longer meet the requirements of the hotel linen management. The automatic identification technology represented by RFID has brought new opportunities to the linen washing industry.

RFID technology uses wireless radio frequency for non-contact two-way communication to exchange data to achieve the purpose of automatic identification. The RFID textile tags are waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature resistant, long service life, long reading distance, and data on RFID linen tag can be encrypted and stored The data capacity is larger, the stored information can be changed freely, the high-speed moving objects can be identified and multiple linen RFID tags can be identified at the same time.

Through the application of RFID technology, a high-efficiency work platform for linen management for fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory, and picking will be built, which will greatly improve the management efficiency and management capabilities of the linen washing industry, reduce error rates and operations cost, to achieve automation and refined management.

Screwing textile RFID laundry tags inside the sheets, encoding information based on hotels’ prefabricated rules in the RFID laundrychip, and input the information in the background of linen management system. This information will be stored in a separate web-based software system database.

When the linens delivered to the cleaning factory, service person packs them together. The RFID reader automatically read the ID number of each item through the scanning channel. These ID numbers are transferred over the network connection to the backend system where data stored. This process indicates that lines have left the hotel and handed over to the laundry factory.

Also, before the linens returned to the hotels after cleaned, all UID numbers obtained through the RFID reader device and sent back to the system for comparison with the linen ID numbers sent to the laundry to complete the handover from the laundry factory to the hotels.

Hotel Linen RFID Management

Inside the hotel, staff use handheld device to do the inventory of lines fast, accurately and efficiently. In the meantime, RFID can provide quick search function, track the status and location of the linen and cooperate with the staff to complete the linen work. Through the statistical analysis function of background data, the washing condition, life analysis and other data of each single linen can be accurately obtained. It is helpful for the hotel management to grasp the key indicators such as linen’s quality, and according to the analysis data, when the linen reaches the maximum number of cleaning times, the system can receive an alarm, and timely remind the staff to change.

Nowdays, laundry RFID textile tags are mainly applied to the management of hotels, linen washing factories and hospitals. Textile UHF RFID laundry tags UIDs are collected automatically whose process is automatic intelligent visualization control that greatly improves work efficiency and reduces the loss of assets and property caused by data loss. RFID linen tag system realizes the seamless connection of all aspects, improves the overall operation efficiency, fundamentally reduces the management cost, improves hotel’s service level and enhance customers’ experience.

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