RFID Linen Tag for Uniform Tracking

RFID used for the beginning of uniform laundry industry

When industrial laundry first started using RFID, the only suitable and the only available was high-frequency (13.56MHz) RFID technology. The RFID platform is a reading point, which consists of an RFID reader and a set of antennas. RFID tags are usually sewn on clothing. The labelled clothing will be read every time it passes through a processing stage, so as to manage the entire process of uniforms and clothing passing through the laundry equipment. Normally, the reading point needs to be placed in the receiving, sorting, washing, drying, ironing, folding, sorting, shipping and distribution place.
These labels must be able to withstand the chemicals used in the cleaning process and the high temperatures in the cleaning, drying, and ironing processes. The life of these tags must be longer than the life of clothing.

The development of UHF RFID uniform tags

In December 2004, a new RFID standard passed the certification: EPC Gen 2. This new standard brought changes in the functions and prices of RFID.
Compared with high-frequency tags, Gen 2 RFID tags enjoy the advantages of low price and long reading distance, increasing from a few centimeters to a few meters (a few feet to a few yards).
Traditional management methods can no longer meet the requirements of the uniform industry for fine linen management. The automatic identification technology represented by RFID has brought new opportunities to the uniform rental industry. Most of the new laundry industry utilizes this latest development of RFID technology.

What used to be a low-frequency or high-frequency domain is now increasingly being supplemented by UHF, which allows a longer reading range, reads more tags at the same time, and expands the user’s memory.

The connection method of UHF uniform tag is also different. They can be stitched (usually in the form of a disc/button or rectangular shape inserted into a gap), pasted (using industrial strength adhesives) or as hang tags.

HUAYUAN UHF RFID smart linen tag

Our UHF smart linen tag is a super soft washable tag that can be washed more than 200 times in industry. In the case of industrial and medical washing, it can withstand 60 bar atmospheric pressure and has stable and reliable performance.
Really reach and exceed the industrial washing life of more than 200 times; 100% have passed the memory write test; the material and design have passed the reliability test; the product has passed the consistency test by SGS inspection.
It is widely used in RFID industrial washing, RFID linen rental, RFID uniform management, and other industry segments. Through the application of RFID technology, build an efficient work platform for fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory, and collection of linen management in the uniform rental industry.
It will greatly improve the management efficiency and management ability of uniform rental for linen, reduce the error rate, reduce operating costs, and achieve automation and refined management.

If you need to know about smart linen tag, please contact our sales team: info@huayuansh.com

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