Top 5 NFC Use Cases for Industry Applications

NFC (Near Field Communication) not only used for end user to enhance customer experience and promotion, but also widely used in industrial applications to improve working efficiency and reduce human errors.

Here are brief to 5 NFC use cases for industry applications

1, NFC for Automatic Production

With production automation development, manual labor more and more replaced by automatic production. NFC tag is an efficient tool to optimized this process. For example, the robot arms are easily catch the right part and complete the installation by reading the NFC tag which embedded inside the parts.

2, NFC for E-mobility

As one of the most important industries of energy conservation and environmental protection, the electric vehicle industry is booming globally. While NFC technology, which related customer experience, is an important link in the whole system. Your unique and creative logo printed on the RFID card or RFID key fob which is an EV-charge tool and brand promotion as well. Furthermore, end users can get more information by using their NFC mobile scanning the RFID NFC tags which embedded inside the facilities.

3, NFC for Asset Tracking

NFC tag is a custom product by using different material and encapsulation method etc. Here are various options for NFC tags. For example, small size RFID FPC tag (5x5mm), PVC laminated RFID tag, and epoxy RFID mini tag (Dia.15mm). Selecting a proper NFC tag installed inside limited space of product or facility for identification and tracking is a good solution.

4, NFC for Secure Identification

For many high-risk industries, such as mining and construction sites, personal safety is an extremely important issue considered. Installed RFID NFC tag inside the safety equipment, like helmet, gas mask, protection suits etc, could effectively track and verify the equipped working staff from the moment they are ready to enter the workplace to the time he or she leaves safely.

5, NFC for Gaming and Toys

Thanks to the widespread of NFC mobile phones, more and more game and toy manufacturers deployed RFID NFC. Players only need to scan the NFC tags on the game machine or toy, game triggered which increase the interest of the games and toys.

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