HUAYUAN New Arrived Mini Near-Field UHF RFID Tag

Huayuan new launched mini near-field UHF RFID tag is designed for small item level products. However, this small size UHF RFID tags have stable performance. And it can be customized and optimized according to customer requirements, such as enhanced waterproof rating, low temperature resistance -40~-198℃, etc. UHF RFID mini tag is ideal for medical management, retail, toys and other applications, has important role in healthcare and industry. Moreover, this near field RFID UHF tag works better with the matching near-field UHF RFID reader.

Features of Near Field RFID UHF Mini Tag

  1. Mini size near field antenna, like 3*6mm, 6*14mm, 6.5*20mm etc,
  2. Good intensive group reading performance
  3. Reading distance of 5~40cm
  4. Welcome customize as requirements

Target Applications of Near-Field UHF RFID Tag

  • Medicine Management: Ideal for identify medical kit, such as cell culture plates, tube, Cryotubes or cryovials etc.  And, high density inventory and identification
  • Insect Management: Identify insect specimen
  • Retailer Management: Tracking and identification of small item level
  • Toy Management

HUAYUAN offer near-field UHF RFID reader pad for your applications. This UHF RFID reader assembling IMPINJ R2000 module, with high performance in group reading mini UHF RFID tags. The reader can inventory 600 tags at one time in seconds.

For further information about Huayuan’s UHF near field RFID tag and near field UHF RFID Reader.

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