How to Realize Information-based Washing Management for Linen

Industry background

The washing industry is divided into: hotel linen washing (sheets, sets, towels), medical washing, uniform washing

A, Hotel linen is more shifted to the direction of leasing

  1. The service life of the linen needs to be achieved through strict control of the washing method. Different washing methods cause 1-2 times the use of the linen, which is normal. Our best linen rental company, the textile formula of the linen is adjusted to the best match for comfort and washing times, and it can be used more than 200 times. RFID linen tags make the service life analysis of each linen clear at a glance
  2. RFID linen tags help you to distinguish perfectly, complete the classification management of washing, avoid washing, so that the washing effect, washing quality, and washing life management are strictly controlled
  3. RFID linen tags can accurately classify and run each linen type, hotel, washing batch, and destination room. From linen collection, sorting, various washing process control, sorting, and distribution back to the hotel, it can be automated or semi-automated. Transparent management can be achieved.

B, Difficulties in hospital linen management

  1. RFID laundry tag help hospitals’ linen and quilts in the washing process, easily realize classification management, sort washing equipment and processes, and avoid cross-infection, which is the most critical for hospitals.
  2. The work of linen and clothing is heavy. For highly infectious hospital linen, non-contact management is used to the largest extent, especially for heavy pollutants, which can easily cause cross-infection between the linen and clothing.
  3. Accurately classify and sterilize various medical linens, classify channels and equipment for targeted washing processes and channels, increase the service life of linens, and improve the comfort and safety after correct washing.
  4. For the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, every link must be strictly checked, the path of virus transmission must be tracked, and the virus transmission circle must be blocked in time. Linen fabrics, which are most likely to be contaminated by viruses and spread as a medium, are also required to track records one by one, and process the use of each piece of linen with information.
  5. In this special period, a way to deal with linen dirt without contact, a way of linen management implanted with technology, and a smart washing method that can track and query every washing process of linen have become a kind of The necessary choice is also the trend of informatization of everything in the future.

Our linen smart washing system solution is your first choice to deal with the most effective linen washing management problems!

Linen Smart Washing System Solution

With the introduction of radio frequency technology, RFID UHF LinTag are sewn for every piece of linen. The UHF RFID Laundrychips have the characteristics of water resistance and flexibility, which will not affect users’ experience of using linen. Our laundry tags are divided into textile laundry tags and silicon Rubber laundry tags to adapt to different fabrics.
By implanting high-temperature and washing-resistant series of RFID UHF LinTag on the linen, the linen is given a unique ID code in the world, making the linen “smart linen”. Receiving the radio frequency signal sent by the reader can read the data information of the linen implanted tag, and realize the statistical tracking of the linen data.

What is the solution of the linen smart washing system?

Through the introduction of RFID technology, the system software data platform + hardware technology equipment constitutes a complete set of linen washing management solutions.
Establish an intelligent washing management system for washing factories, hospitals/hotels (lease relations), and conduct automatic data collection on the data of each operation link such as washing, handover, warehousing, automatic sorting, and inventory counting. Realize the tracking calculation and information processing of the whole process of linen washing.
It can effectively solve the problem of linen washing management in hotels and hospitals, realize the whole-process visualization of washing management, and provide real-time data support for the scientific management of enterprises. Optimize the resource allocation of enterprises.

What are the components of the RFID textile washing management system?

  1. RFID washing management software
  2. Database
  3. RFID Laundry tag
  4. RFID tag issuer
  5. Channel machine
  6. Handheld device

What are the advantages of the system?

  1. Significantly reduce the labor intensity of front-line workers and reduce labor, more contactless automated operations, and solve all operations based on a transparent information management platform;
  2. Give each linen an ID card through the application of UHF RFID and washable tags, the source and attributes of each washed item, washing requirements, washing process and disinfection requirements, washing inspection requirements, cost and transportation destination, purpose The ownership of the hospital is very clearly controlled.
  3. Through the real-time location and quantity monitoring of the whole process, solve the problem of the accuracy of traditional enterprises in large-scale inventory;
  4. The rental + washing business system based on the Cloud cloud platform handles the information flow transparently through the whole process, and can use APP software and the Linux platform to keep the data in a real-time and controllable state.

Linen processing process

01 Linen dirt scan
In some hotels and hospitals that use RFID technology to serve, the cleaning staff of the hotel or hopspital can first collect the dirt in the cart, and directly use the handheld reader to scan around the car for a few seconds to generate dirt orders. You can check how many pieces of quilt covers, pillowcases, towels and other dirt and corresponding parameters were collected at that time. Since the data is not counted manually, on the one hand it improves work efficiency, but also brings convenience to the hotel and provides quality services.

02 Number of reviews
The dirt truck transports the hotel’s linen to the washing factory. Employees can directly scan a whole bag of linen through the tunnel machine, check the accuracy of the data and correct it in time, enter the system record data, and upload it to the cloud.
The cleaning staff of the hospital pack the sick clothes and duvet cover separately and send them to the washing factory. They can review the data of the dirty linen without unpacking, reducing the contact with the dirty.

03 Soil washing treatment
After the review, the whole package of dirt is directly sent to the washing equipment for disinfection and cleaning related procedures.

04 Linen data entry spare
After the linen is cleaned, the linen is bundled and collected, scanned by the smart workbench to complete the data entry, and the QR code containing the data is printed. Paste it on a bundle of clean linen and put it in the warehouse for later use.

05 Linen delivery
When the hotel or hospital sends out the demand for linen, the staff prints the invoice through the smart cabinet, takes the linen out of the warehouse, pushes it into the aisle machine, scans and delivers it, records each traceable logistics link, and finally transports it to the delivery by truck.


  1. Highly sensitive and reliable recognition distance is not less than 2.5m, in damp (non-immersion condition), >6meter in air.
  2. The recognition rate in the inventory counter is as high as 200 tags every 3 seconds;
  3. The number of washing times>200 times, 2 years;
  4. Product format: textile and silicone
  5. Textiles RFID tag can be provided: sewing, woven bags, hot melt glue, punching; Silicone RFID laundry tag can be used for debossing, embossing, customized color
  6. ETSI, FCC compliance

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