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With more than 2 decades experience in RFID R&D and 8 years experiences in textile RFID tag in design, development, produce, and application, HUAYUAN as a professional RFID laundry tag manufacturer that we know very well what troubles the laundry companies and what are the most important issues during the whole process. RFID Washable tags’ performance is more and more steady by keep analyzing and exploring. In the mean time, the RFID laundry tag in smaller, thinner, more steady performance and with better price is always under R&D. Our RFID Linen Tag is as good as any comparable tags in the worldwide.

  • Based on the last 3 years experience, high production capacity, 100,000pcs per day. UCODE 8 is encapsulated, MONZA R6-P and UCODE 7 can be adopted as well. RFID linen tag size can be customized. The linen tag which can withstand ESD 4500V will be launched soon.
  • The newest HLT-5512U8 as small as 55x12mm whose reading distance more than 3m in both FCC and ETSI. This RFID UHF linen tag is more than 200 washing cycles without performance degradation.
  • The silicone RFID Laundry tag, only 1.7mm thickness, is ultra soft which won’t damage the clothes and towels. Your logo can be debossed or embossed on the silicone RFID laundry tag.
  • Textile RFID UHF laundry tags in various dimensions could be offered. Instead of FPC made wire bonding core part as almost similar RFID laundry transponders in the world, our newest RFID laundrytag integrated the RFID chip and core loop into a 4mm square size package module which can suffer 400C degree heat, chemical and liquid proof.

RFID Laundry Case

HUAYUAN offer RFID textile tags for applications in tracking textile elements for industryhealthcarehospitalityelderly homes and communities.


RFID Linen Tag for Hospitality


RFID Linen Tag for Healthcare


RFID Linen Tag for Industry

Why use RFID in the textile laundry

With the scale of the industrial laundry and rental garment segments grow, so does the demand for automation, increased knowledge, inventory control and precision asset management.

So far, less than 1% laundry industry has deployed RFID in the worldwide. Companies who have implemented RFID laundry system benefit a lot. Furthermore, some washing industry actively regard RFID as the basic configuration of upgrade technology. Predictable, in the near 3-5 years, RFID deployment will enhance laundry industry profound technological improvements. Furthermore, prices to RFID devices and RFID textile tags keep decreasing but with better quality and more steady e-performance which is a necessary advantage which initiates an innovation.

Regardless of whether your business is involved in large-scale laundry washing, accurate washing records, or reducing theft, RFID laundry tracking tag may be beneficial to you. Here are the reasons why RFID can help you track clothing, uniforms, PPE, linen sheet etc:

  1. Reduce manual clothing classification

The washing sorting process is used in hospitals, hotels, laundry facilities, or any company that has multiple types of textiles. Usually, 2-6 people use different washing tubs to facilitate the washing process, and employees may spend hours sorting clothes.

In RFID laundry washing management, textile UHF laundry tags are attached to each piece of clothing. When the RFID UHF laundry tags pass through the assembly line, after reading each tag, the software will determine the type of textile to be read and direct it to the appropriate area or machine. The data reading results of the software can be displayed on the screen, so that people can immediately direct the textile or linen to the next destination.

Using RFID fabric laundry tag can help eliminate the manual sorting process and can greatly reduce the number of people on the sorting line. No need to hire personnel to read barcodes or identify linens, only 1-2 people can move items to the next process, reducing manual intervention and improving work efficiency

  1. Provide accurate washing count records

The washing cycle of each piece of clothing is an important indicator, because the analysis of the washing cycle helps predict the end of life of the clothing. Most linens or uniforms can only withstand a certain number of high-power washing cycles before they begin to wear and wear. Without a record of washing cycle counts, it is difficult to estimate the service life of the garment. When the software detects that the service life of clothing or linen is about to end, the software can prompt the user to re-order that type of clothing or linen. This process ensures that the company always has the inventory of every garment or linen it needs, thereby reducing the lag time for loss or damage.

  1. Provide visibility to inventory quickly and easily

Checking inventory in a timely manner can accurately plan events, conduct effective operations or prevent items from being lost and stolen. If textiles are stolen and the company does not conduct daily inventory counting, due to inaccurate inventory, it may face delays in daily operations.

UHF textile RFID tag sewn into each type of textile can help companies count inventory faster and more efficiently. The RFID readers placed in each storage room will continuously count

  1. Reduce loss and theft

The unique EPC number on each UHF textile tag allows the company to identify the exact textile that was lost or stolen and where the data was last collected. If you get linen or clothing from a specific room in a hotel or hospital, you can charge guests for linen to ensure that the company does not lose money.

Besides high quality RFID UHF Laundry tags, HUAYUAN is capable of offering the whole system including RFID Tunnel, RFID Reader, RFID carbin, RFID read panel, and RFID handheld reader to deal with various applications. Also energy-efficient equipment could be offered as well which helps enhance working efficiency and increase revenues.

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