Waste Management

Waste Management

With costs rising in the waste management process, RFID is enabling cities and municipalities to reliably identify individual receptacles and can create incentive-based recycling programs that accurately reward customers for the amount they recycle, while minimizing the overall amount of trash.

Waste Management

By automating the collection of all waste, RFID can assure that individual bins have been collected,providing verification of service. In addition,this information can be used to optimize truck usage and routes. Processes can be streamlined and be more accurate.

RFID technology helps a lot to increase efficiency of the waste management operations. To realize this application, a properly designed rugged RFID tag is attached to the waste bins. It contains all user / owner information.

An RFID reader / antenna embedded into the truck captures the tag IDs of each waste bin. The data collected from the RFID tags can be linked with a time stamp,type of container,weight of the container,and customer information. The data can be either sent to a host computer using wireless protocols or the data can also be stored in the truck’s onboard computer and later transferred to a central waste management system for data processing.

RFID Waste Bin Tag is specially designed for automatic garbage collection. The Waste Bin Tags can be installed on the inside or on the outside of a trash can. It can be read by a RFID reader that is utilized by the drivers in the collection trucks. The application of the Waste Bin Tag improves efficiency,especially if used with a unique programmed number that associates a garbage cart to an address. The Waste Bin Tag is also a possibility for loyalty and reward programs offered to residents.

HUAYUAN’s RFID Waste Bin Tags are available in LF 125kHz,13.56Mhz and optional UHF.

HUAYUAN offers specially designed RFID products for the Waste Management application:

– RFID Worm Tag
PVC Waste Bin Tag
RFID Labels[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Waste Bin Tag
pvc bin tag (4)
Flexible NFC Labels
HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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  • Trygve Giaever


    We are looking for a solution to track our waste containers and thought that you perhaps count with a solution.
    We need a system to do the following:

    1- Truck leaves a container at client’s location.
    2- Driver scans the raid tag on the container (ideally with his phone).
    3- Scaned tag on container appears on an online map.

    Looking Forward for your reply.



    • Profile photo of HUAYUAN

      We had been enquired many waste management requirements from many different area in the world. As we found in middle Europe and North Asia and North America, waste management solutions were going well, with very different design for diverse purpose,
      1, based on waste truck management, or weight waste collected by truck to evaluate effective truck works.
      The worm tag would be used for implement worm tag on waste bin, RFID reader fixed on trucks will automatic collect data and transfer to database server in management system, it is popular way in Europe.
      2, In North Asia like Korea, we offer a products kit, include user RFID card for families, mini RFID tag for waste collection, and some of solution need waste bags with RFID tag embedded for charge.
      As a RFID professional manufacturer, HUAUAN focus for a RFID products link a physical items in digital data to online database for most efficient online and offline join together, as our domestic experience in information technology, we had priority in understanding well with know how in RFID design and production to assistance our customers.
      PS. NFC is a update techology of RFID, it is easy for operating by a cheap and powerful NFC mobile device, it will be play great role in many RFID applications.

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