The Installation of RFID Laundry Tag

As the rapid development of RFID technology, which is involved in many different fields, especially in industrial laundry. RFID laundry tag plays an important role in the identification and management of clothing. By using UHF RFID linen tag, which can reduce the mistake and improve the work efficiency, achieve effect management such as fast collection, sorting, automatic inventory, clothing took. UHF RFID laundry tag is an ideal solution for tracking the garment, linen, laundry, which widely applied in healthcareuniform rentalhotel, garment, industrial laundry, etc.

HUAYUAN is a leading manufacturer in R&D and mass production RFID laundry applications, our products can meet qualified certificate and technical requirements of performance. HUAYUAN RFID UHF linen tag has many different sizes for option, such as 70*15mm55*12mm70*10mm, 74*10mm… 70*15 and 55*12mm has the good and steady performance, which are the most hot sale and popular. HUAYUAN Fabric Linen UHF Laundry Tag complies with the EPC C1 G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard, designed working in high speed, high pressure and chemical resistance in industrial laundry applications. Its performance can be ensured after more than 200 press washing cycles.

There are four ways of installation for HUAYUAN RFID textile laundry tag ensuring their security during the laundering process.

1, Sewing
2, Heat sealing
3, Pouch


RFID laundry tag is made of textile, designed to be easily sewn on linens and garments. To avoid the attached antenna on a laundry tag. Sewing the tag directly on the objects is the cost effective and fastest way, as using a heat sealer or creating a pouch takes more time to complete.

Heat Sealing

HUAYUAN RFID laundry tag can be attached to fabric via heat sealing. Customized hot melt glue should be informed us in advance. The max heating 218 Celsius degree for 15-20 second, 0.4Mpa. Heat sealing is the process of sealing plastic via heat and pressure and requires the use of a heat sealer. Heat sealing is an ideal solution for when sewing is not an option or sewing looks unfinished.


Seal the laundry tag inside of textile pocket. If the object has extra fabric or multiple layers, which can be put the RFID laundry tag inside of the small pocket of fabric. The RFID laundry tag can be hidden by sewing on the fabric. If you wanna personalization printing, which can be achieved, such as QR code, Barcode, variable data, etc.

If you are interested in UHF RFID laundry tag, please email the sales team of HUAYUAN for more assistance.

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