RFID in Retail: RFID Tags for Online Shopping, Fashion Retailers

Since the COVID-19 outbreak globally, the time and scope of lockdown keep expanding, the retail industry has been hit hardly globally while the number of online orders has increased significantly. In order to enable all sales channels to provide customers with the best services and offer appropriate products at the right time and place, strategic inventory management has become a major issue for every omni-channel participant. RFID technology combined with inventory management software, every product has an unique code, it is easily to realize real-time inventory control, check which products need to be restocked at any time, and to ensure goods can be accurately sent to the corresponding stores or channels on time. For retailers, RFID is no longer just a good thing, but a real must-have.

Four factors to consider when choosing RFID tags in the retail industry

1, Define products that will pasted RFID

Nowadays, many products such as denim, cosmetics, footwear and medicine, etc. have been widely used RFID tags. Some organizations, like Auburn University ARC-RFID Lab has issued RFID inlay and global GS1 TIPP level classification certification. And EECC’s TACTA has also greatly improved the testing and certification of RFID tags in different application fields. For example, retailers and garment manufacturers have been able to purchase certified M RFID tags that can be used for garment and footwear.

2, Where will the products be traced and tracked

When selecting RFID labels, environments conditions should be taken into consideration, such as density, metal content, liquid or glass and so on. RFID tags are very common in retail stores, factories and distribution centers. Additionally, we must also consider how dense the product is packed, as well as the expected reading range etc..

3, RFID chip selection and encryption

RFID chip manufacturers keep improving the sensitivity of chip reading and writing, while also increasing production capacity. Chip selection, antenna design and system level testing will ensure that qualified RFID tags are used in different applications.

In apparel, retail and consumer industry, item-level tracking has become an automated process in the source manufacturing process or distribution center. Using RFID tags with encryption is conductive to centralized management and quality consistency.

4, Cost of RFID label

Price of RFID tag ranges from 10 cents to more than $1, and the price difference is quite large. A large number of products in the retail industry have reduced the price of passive RFID roll tags to a few cents, while tags used in special applications are much more expensive due to special designs and functions.

Selection of HUAYUAN RFID Tag for Online Retailers

As part of the RFID solution, RFID tags need to be selected according to actual needs. With rich experience in RFID, HUAYUAN offers broad product portfolio of RFID tags used in retail industry, including Al-etching RFID tag, eco-friendly RFID tags, RFID care labels and RFID hang tags.

AL etching RFID tag

Owe to our experienced technical team who engaged in RFID technology from antenna, bonding, material research and development, we have successful provide billions of RFID AL etching intelligent labels for world class RFID customers 26 years.

Eco-friendly RFID tags

As an innovational RAIN RFID tag was eliminate plastic material completely in finished production. Fundamentally free from pollution caused by Aluminum etching antenna process which covered 80% of RFID tag market. With creative self-design, our eco-friendly RFID tag with outstanding performance on variety of adherend.

RFID care labels

RFID care labels are more and more tested or introduced in the omni-channel retail landscape. We provide a variety of woven materials, RFID care labels are softer and better printed than normal UHF RFID fabric labels, and variable data pre-coding and printing services are available upon your request.

RFID laundry tags

With 26 years experience in RFID and 8 years in textile RFID laundry tags’ design, development and production, HUAYUAN knows very well what troubles laundry companies and what are the most important issues during the whole process. Our RFID UHF Linen Tag with more than 200 industrial laundry cycles or 2 years warrant ( less than 3% defect rate, keep 85% performance). Millions RFID UHF Linen Tags exported to Europe in 2020.

Washable RFID tags

With special protection to RFID chip, the washable RFID tags can survive more than 50 household wash cycles with 10% ~ 15% RFID performance reduction. It is an alternative, cost-effective RFID laundry tag whose thickness is only 0.55mm which is easily hidden into seam or inserted.

More detailed information needed, feel free to contact our sales team: info@huayuansh.com.

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