Polyester Garment UHF RFID Wash Care Label

As a fashion product, the sales of garment is affected by many factors such as sales season, sales location, consumer taste, fashion trend, product price, etc. The RFID care label can track sales in real time, which plays a very important role for apparel companies.

At present, most RFID clothing tags use composite RFID garment tags or affix RFID tags directly to shoe boxes.  The garment supplier often meet the problem that the RFID hang tags fall off or lose the RFID shoe tags from shoe box. In addition, customers will directly dispose the RFID garment hangtag or shoes RFID tag after returning home. Due to the missing or wrong RFID hanging tag, it brings a lot of trouble to logistics management. And the RFID tag will directly dispose of the tag and shoe box after the customer returns home, so that the product cannot be traced to the source and the root of the problem can be found when the product is returned to the store.

RFID woven tag is a kind of electronic tag, especially refers to a kind of product serving clothing, washing label is indispensable for every piece of clothing or shoes. Most of the installation methods are sewing and blanching, which will not fall off during circulation, and the RFID care tag will generally be retained when used by customers.

HUAYUAN RFID Care Label Tags:

At present, the mature RFID garment care label is to compound the RFID inlay directly into the care label, and the converted RFID clothing care tag can still be processed for printing and variable data printing. HUAYUAN will provide different RFID textile care labels according to different product needs of customers, e.g.:

  1. For shoes, we currently have a product that can be directly ironed on the tongue of the shoe.
  2. According to customer requirements, recycle washable five times, we can provide special protection for chip inlay, so that the RFID polyester care label can be used in a household washing machine to achieve a readable effect after five washings.
  3. For some uniforms and official clothing items that need hundreds of recycle washing requirements, we recommend to use linen UHF RFID laundry tag to sew into the clothes to achieve more than two hundred washings.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Rich experience in RFID production can help customers to find the best product solutions.
  2. Fast delivery time for large quantity orders.
  3. Can provide variable data process, such as QR, barcode, numbering and chip encoding, etc.
  4. It can meet the special needs of customers, such as super soft satin RFID care label, nylon RFID care label, taffeta RFID care label, silk RFID care label, waterproof washing care labels, etc.

Success RFID Cases:

  1. Currently, washing RFID clothing label have been used in many garment brand and bedding to replace the RFID hang tag.
  2. The hot-stamped shoes RFID tags have begun to be used by internationally renowned sports brands.
  3. RFID bag care label, RFID care label for hat
  4. For uniform items, the 200 washing times linen textile laundry tag is the best to choose.

Getting more detail and consulting support, please contact HUAYUAN sales team: info@huayuansh.com

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