HUAYUAN Plastic Free Eco RFID Tag Technology

The European Parliament and the European Council passed the Single-use Plastics Directive (SUPD) in the summer of 2019. According to this proposal, the European Union will ban the use of alternative single-use plastic products by 2021. This bill has been hailed as the most stringent method for “prohibition of plastics” so far. After the directive was issued, all member states have embarked on the “road of restricting plastics”. The methods adopted by countries can be summarized as two types: one is taxation charges, one is to completely prohibit the use. As we all know, plastic products are currently one of the largest sources of environmental pollution, and reducing the use of disposable plastic products is of vital importance to protect the environment.

More and more attention has been paid to the concept of sustainable, environmental protection has become a keyword in all walks of life. Nowadays, RFID tags have been widely used in People’s Daily life. RFID tags mainly use PET as the substrate, which is difficult to decompose in nature, and al-etched antenna will also cause environmental pollution in the production process. It is extremely urgent to find RFID tags that can replace PET as the substrate and can be degraded in nature.

At present, the mainstream Eco RFID tags on the market are mostly printed antennas, such as graphene and silver printing antennas, which are printed on recycled paper without plastic layer and harmful chemicals. This may sound environmentally friendly, but there are inevitable drawbacks to such tags. The first is the high cost, and the second is that both the silver printing and graphene are easily oxidized in the air, which affects the electrical conductivity. Compared with aluminum, which is malleable, graphene and silver paste are more fragile, resulting in unstable properties.

HUAYUAN has always been committed to the innovation and development of plastic-free RFID tags.

Laser Die-cut ECO RFID Tag

HUAYUAN laser die-cut ECO RFID inlay (HEL3050R6) is made of an innovative RFID antenna, which is solvent-free and waste-free. The VOC Eco-friendly RFID inlay has been laser die-cut aluminium RFID to accurately shape the antenna design, making the curves, lines smooth and delicate. Every process in production is healthier for the environment. Every process in production is a healthier and safer job for the environment. Die-cutting the aluminum antenna can eliminate the dirty etching process caused by hydrochloric acid, and the discharged aluminum can be 100% recycled. Now, HUAYUAN is ready to mass produce HEL series ECO RFID tags, and will upgrade the RFID tag industry in the next few years. It is a completely degradable and environmentally friendly product, suitable for large-scale, mass production and application.

HUAYUAN’s ECO RFID tags have both performance and price advantages. If you are interested in our products, please contact our sales team immediately for more help:

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