HUAYUAN Eco-Friendly Green RFID UHF Tags

Plastic is the most common outer packaging in our daily life that large quantity plastic products used and discarded everyday. White pollution caused by plastic is a special landscape of modern civilization. How to deal with plastic pollution becomes a very important issue in developed countries in the worldwide. Take Europe for example, less than 40% of the plastics used in Europe are recyclable, while most plastics can only be landfilled, incinerated or exported for disposal. The problem is the plastics waste still as new as ever after being buried in the ground for decades which can degrade slowly after hundreds or thousands years. However, instead of degraded completely but break into tiny plastic particles mixed in the soil gravel. Until a rainfall brought water, these plastic particles washed into the river, and rushed to the sea with the river.

In 2019, Flexible RFID Label consumption is about 20 billions globally whose increase annual output at a rate of 30%. Traditional Al antenna produced by etching which process produce a lot of pollution. Furthermore, RFID inlay substrate is PET which causes big troubles for the handling of the disposable RFID tags after use. Although RFID printing antenna get rid of the PET substrate whose performance is not as good as RFID tags with PET substrate, with much higher price in the meantime.

After 6 years exploration, we found that:

– Silver printing antenna: with unsteady performance, short lifetime, high cost and what’s worse it causes heavy metal pollution.

– Graphene antenna: eco-friendly with unsteady performance and high cost.

– Other die-cut RFID antenna: low accuracy with unsteady performance

HUAYUAN green RFID UHF tag is eco-friendly with a creative and unique design, as an innovational RFID inlay differ from most popular etching Aluminum antenna with flip bonding inlay which covers 70% global market, and also different from RFID chip on strap antenna. With a precise die-cut antenna, its substrate is flexible optional, which can be paper, woven textile or combine the facestock and substrate in one layer.

Eco Friendly RFID UHF Tag Advantages:

– No harmful in production, any eco-friendly materials can be optional.

– Flexible and speedy delivery for variety specific RFID tags.

– Secure and guarantee RFID inlay supply.

– Efficiency format of RFID for customers.

– Extensive adaptability of RFID performance.

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