Around the world, There are more than a few hundred thousand stores and sells more than tens of billions of items per year in the apparel industry. Over the past few decades, they have been using the same methods and technologies (Barcode) based on SKU. in management stock.

However, with the huge changes of buying behavior in consumer, there is an increasing competition between retailers and the need to gradually improve inventory accuracy.  How to make brands stand out and how to manage inventory more efficiently is becoming a challenge for many apparel and footwear brand companies.

We design and implement intelligent, innovative and Eco-friendly clothing and footwear brand building and inventory management solutions. Our RFID tags will be not only help apparel companies to convey the correct brand image and brand value to consumers, but also help companies accelerate global supply chains.

The Benefits of RFID in Retail Apparel

The benefits of the RFID inventory management is that retailers can reduce the time to acquire inventory data by 90%. In other words, it takes three days to read the inventory data. RFID only needs 45 minutes. RFID also greatly improves accuracy. The actual inventory through manual scanning has an error of about 4%, and this value will be superimposed every year. Therefore, the cycle inventory of the entire sales year may produce an error of more than 60% during the peak sales season. In contrast, the RFID error is usually only 0.5%, which means the inventory will be more accurate throughout the year.

  • Inventory accuracy, improve click-through rate and pickup rate
  • Understand the hot spots in the store
  • Improve customer flow
  • Fast and accurate checkout
  • Helps reduce theft
  • Identify the authenticity of the product

HUAYUAN RFID Tag Products for Apparel Retail

HUAYUAN is the keep partner of AVERY DENNISON partner for many years, with 3millions production capability of labels each month, HUAYUAN main markets are in Europe (with Germany as the center) covering the Americas, Asia and European etc. We are quite confident because we had decades experience in RFID products printing, converting and programming, we had provider apparel tag for “UNIQIO” “NIKE” and several apparel brand for years by billions of tags produced in our serious quality control and management system. Our RFID tag manufacturer had equipped full serial printing, converting, die-cutting production line import from Muehlbauer, Bielomatik and Melzer e.g. We are confidently that we can offer you not only competitive cost but also high qualified tag as well as technical service in huge order.

Self Adhesive RFID Labels

  • Economic option
  • Easiest method to combine traditional hang tag and RFID

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RFID Hang Tags

  • Skillful manufacturing with various materials, printing and the latest craft technology.
  • Accurate Printing level and perfect management to every delivery
  • Automatic speedy production line for implement string RFID hang tag

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RFID Woven Care Labels

  • Multiple languages and pictograms as customize design.
  • Experience in a SKU management
  • Various material and structure.

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Eco-friendly Apparel RFID Tags

  • An ECO RFID Tag, metal-free
  • Recyclable
  • Outstanding electronic performance

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