Barcode is a cheapest and typical product digital management method for cooperate with enterprise management system. From recent 3 years, RFID brings major benefits and plays a more and more important role in the logistics and supply chain industry. The benefits are attractive especially for those brand companies with huge output. In 2019, most of apparel brand owners are competing with RFID solutions on the apparels and garments. The reason is obvious, it could create significant values, shorten and speedy delivery cycle, improve accuracy in distributor system, accelerate product flow, most critical is reduce storage. We have experienced many times, all pilot RFID projects parallel to traditional barcode system for a certain day in the same company and same products logistic and retail system, RFID always bring suppliers unexpected benefits, then it is no doubt to be applied in the whole system. That is why RFID tags had been found in all world class big brand garments.

HUAYUAN’s RFID Tags can bring you

Enhance accuracy: Accuracy to automatic operation is 10 to 50 times higher than usual. The system can keep the limited issues of things get missing or wrong in warehouse to retail store.

Fast and efficient inventory: One thousand tags inventory only need few seconds. It is so easy to have accurate result by using RFID by fast inventory which prevents products from going out of stock during this period, increases the work efficiency and save both time and money.

Visibility: RFID is able to make the whole supply chain process, from manufacturer to the end user, uninterrupted visibility. RFID is a bridge automatic connect online data system to every individual physical products.

HUAYUAN RFID Tag can be ordered for customized antenna to get to fine adjust the specific product cause the deviation of frequency performance on every individual material. HUAYUAN had much experience in design a customized RFID for an ideal target performance on the contrary, pallet, container and items.

Here are some UHF RFID Inlays for RFID pallet tag, RFID container tag, RFID item tag for logistics, supply chain.