RFID Washable Label

RFID Washable Label is a flexible, washable label for laundry applications with best cost ratio. It is used for Apparel tags, Laundry Management, Uniform identity and Logistic systems for Garment retail applications, etc.

It encapsulate UHF 860-960MHz, Passive RFID inlay and read range up to 3-10Meter, the exactly read range was depend on your UHF reader and antenna.

Please check the structure image to help understand in more detail:

RFID Washable Label Structure

Material & Dimension:

  • Packing Material:    Washer Wrinkle Fabric
  • PET Substrate:        Etched Aluminum Antenna,
  • Label size:              75*90.00mm*0.35mm.

RFID Washable Label RFID Washable Label-1

DO NOT USE Inlays with ink marks. The position of the mark is shown as below.
Reject Mark size 4.00mm in center of label in black.

RFID Washable Label

Our recommendations are based on our latest knowhow and experience, please contact us for your customization requirements.

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