RFID Tamper Proof Inlay

For RFID Tamper Proof Inlay grows a large market demand emerged in recent years. Traditional anti-counterfeit solutions are facing a significant challenge by upgraded technologies and capabilities of industrial production. It is now easier and cheaper to counterfeit products especially in the visual cryptography way. For example, the setup cost for a hologram now only needs 3-5% of the costs compared to the costs 10 years ago.

HUAYUAN intends to offer a low cost but high level security solution for market at beginning of the 21st century. In the recent 5 years of exploring and developing in this field, our products have surpassed most of our competitors’ mass production. We have supplied more than 10 million labels to the top famous brands of wine in China with NFC / RFID technology against acceptable costs and with comprehensive technology involved in our solution to prevent forgers from their attacks.

We have accumulated dozens customized designs for various applications:

  • Brittle any part of inlay, brittle antenna connections, or brittle substrate of the transponder
  • Secure and precise strength of the adhesive intersect coating
  • Anti-clone secure chip design with encrypted programming
  • Secure cloud database and application server
  • Additional visual cryptography on labels
  • Secure NFC mobile device APP program for anti-counterfeiting authentication

RFID Tamper Proof Inlay Security RFID Solutions

Combined with physical encryption, chip encryption and online certification, HUAYUAN can offer a complex solution against competitive costs for anti-counterfeit projects like e.g. brand alcohol, tobacco, food, medicine, automobile parts and certified documents etc.

A. Anti-Migrant RFID Tamper Proof Inlay

There are at least three ways to prevent a tag from being transferred:
1. Brittle tamper proof design at the conjunction of the antenna

RFID Tamper Proof InlayRFID Tamper Proof Inlay
Both tamper proof, anti-counterfeit RFID HF/NFC fragile antennas and common RFID aluminum antennas are made by printing and etching processes. The difference is that tamper proof anti-counterfeit antennas are fixed on an additional brittle thin clear sheet which is put on PET substrate on an aluminum layer.
2. Part of brittle antenna tamper proof design
RFID Tamper Proof Inlay
RFID Tamper Proof Inlay
HF/NFC Antenna/Inlay          Etching
Material                                       AL+ PET
Substrate                                     PET, 38μm
AL Layer                                       30μm/10μm
Frequency                                   13.56MHz
Chip                                             All high frequency chips
Operating Temperature           -20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature                -5°C to +60°C
                      RFID Tamper Proof Inlay
3. Brittle substrate of RFID tamper proof inlay design

Printing and etching RFID aluminum antennas are key steps to realize tamper proof anti-counterfeit RFID fragile antennas. The difference is that fixes tamper proof antennas on an additional brittle thin clear sheet, and put it on PET substrate on an aluminum layer.

RFID/NFC Antenna/Inlay         Etching
Material                                          AL+ PET
Substrate                                        PET, 50μm
AL Layer                                         10μm
Frequency                                      860MHz to 960MHz
Chip                                                 Any RFID UHF Chips
Operating Temperature              – 20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature                   – 5°C to +60°C
RFID Tamper Proof Inlay
B. High Security RFID Chip Encryption

1. Chip UID authentication

The UID is an unique code for every label registered in an online database. Specific data permanently encoded in memory guarantees authentication,even in an offline environment.

2. TDES encryption content in chip

Encrypt data in the chip protect against any un-authorized reading, in order to prevent clone RFID chip activity.

C. High Security Program for Verification

1. Tack every operation of label reading
The NFC chip counts every time it was read and synchronizes this information with an online database, thus tracking any suspicious label reading, with an notification in the APP which includes the recorded geographical info and the recorded reading device. The system will automatically track any abnormal events.

2. The system security design keeps the online database safe

An NFC mobile device, though the APP, will connect to the correct online application severs only. HUAYUAN Anti-counterfeit RFID /NFC solution (HACTag) is highly customized: for example printing, materials, glues, chemical and integrated circuits, frequency and software etc. HUAYUAN has a team with highly skilled project oriented engineers to satisfy every requirement of the client no matter how detailed.

For further details, please email: info@huayuansh.com

HUAYUAN Anti-counterfeit RFID Solutions Datasheet HUAYUAN RFID Tamper Proof Inlay Datasheet
HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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