HUAYUAN RFID Readers & Reader Modules

HUAYUAN offers an extensive range of RFID readers and reader modules to meet your demands to identify your valuable tagged assets. Our RFID readers are designed to comply with today’s global frequency standards and are available with different features, making them easily compatible with many RFID Tags.

We have RFID readers with the different features that are ideal for your different application. An RFID system can require desktop readers, integrated readers, and even handheld Bluetooth enabled devices. Many systems are also need using the same reader to identify both RFID tags and barcodes. Whatever your environment demands, we have a reader for you.

Please follow the link on the category to find more information for each type:

ORCA- 50 RAIN UHF Handheld Data Terminal
RAIN UHF Portable Reader
RAIN UHF Mobile Handheld Terminal Lynx-20
S-8600 4-Port RAIN UHF RFID Reader
S-8800 8-Port RAIN UHF Reader
RAIN UHF RFID Fixed Reader S8000
D-10X RAIN UHF Desktop Reader Writer
Indy R2000 RAIN UHF Module Series
M-550 RAIN UHF Integrated Module
Bluetooth MIFARE Reader
9dBi RAIN RFID Reader Antenna
12dBi RAIN RFID Reader Antenna

These readers are widely applied in logistic management, warehouse control, Parking system, automatic production management, library system etc.

Handheld RFID Readers for Recommend

UHF handheld reader ( ORCA-50 ) is hot sale in the market, which is a IP64 industrial grade handheld reader. It with GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G standard function, can add 1D, 2D barcode, fingerprint, UHF function. The accessories include battery and Charger & USB Data Cable. The reader feature with high performance computing platform and ultra long operating time.

UHF Fixed Reader for Recommend

4 Ports RAIN UHF Reader ( S-8600 ) is a high performance 4-channel reader which can be well adapted to the installation requirements for indoor or outdoor environments for different application. The 4 ports RAIN UHF Reader is developed based on M-2800 UHF RFID reader module, its core chip uses Impinj’s INDY R2000.

8 Ports RAIN UHF Reader ( S-8800 ) is a high performance 8-port reader which can be well adapted to the installation requirements for indoor or outdoor environments. S-8800 8 Ports UHF Reader is developed based on M-2900 RFID UHF reader module, its core chip uses Impinj’s INDY R2000.

NFC Bluetooth Reader for Recommend

Bluetooth MIFARE Reader is supported contact ISO7816 compliance and Contactless cards ISO14443 Type A compliance reader with Bluetooth & Micro-USB interface.

If you are looking for a specific RFID reader or reader module product and you cannot locate it on our website, please contact us via email or phone to discuss your requirements.

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