When the Smart Card industry kicked off in mainland China 21 years ago, HUAYUAN electronic were at the forefront. In 1995, we began by producing plastic magnetic cards. We are the first supplier of magnetic cards as the ticket for AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) system for Shanghai Metro No1 line. Our products line covered plastic card, smart cards, contactless cards and RFID product with growing of technology and applications in this area. Our experience is not only in RFID products R & D,but also system and solution design,and system integration. Our success in oversea market was apparent – from the first client in Spain in Europe in 2005,and expanded to hundreds of clients covering up to 120 countries and regions in several years.

HAUYUAN had also established good and strategic partnership with many international leaders in Smart Card and RFID industry. Genuinely in communication and business,professionally in service and technology,HUAYUAN is experts of manufacture in plastic card, contact chip cards, passive RFIDNFCcontactless cards, and various RFID /NFC products with experience in applications and solutions everywhere our products may applied. Researching and developing especially in passive radio frequency products, HUAYUAN offered UHF/HF RFID label & tag,LF/HF/UHF wristbands,key tags,token,crystal colorful NFC tag,or on metal tags with diverse encapsulations meet whether in harsh industrial environment or a fashionable commercial environment,with our total quality management with ROHS, and CE compliant.

With RFID technology expand to every corner of world,with focus on a simple, flexible, low-cost RFID or NFC product from huge market demand, that is RFID label, which is paper or plastic on surface,RFID/NFC transponder sandwiched in, to attached on items or containers which easy to tracking or identity in various management systems. As the smartcard usually applied in identified people amount crows, RFID label is for products in industries,logistics,and supply chains. HUAYUAN had a factory,manufacture etching AL antenna,FLIP bonding production line,and assembling RFID label, and we make our own manufacture chain for REFID/NFC production line.

Based in Dusseldorf in NRW Germany, HUAYUAN Tech provider technical support and demonstration of RFID system, from RFID Antenna, Inlay, various Apparel Tags, samples for different applications, RFID reader and antennas. RFID tag printing, programming operation can be fulfilled there. Our engineer can help you design antenna, testing Tags, Pre-sales assistant. There are thousands tags in warehouse for instant delivery, and RFID reader and reader antenna, RFID hand holder with different parameter available. Thanks for your time to know HUAYUAN, let us RFID now.

Main RFID products

RFID Label
RFID Wristband
RFID Keychain
RFID Reader

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