To remain competitive, today’s businesses and organizations must continuously improve their processes and become more efficient. Data collection and asset tracking controls are one key component of this effort and radio frequency identification (RFID Label) is an innovation that enhances both the speed and accuracy of these processes.

HUAYAUN offers state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to RFID label which with market-leading performance. We combine decades experience in RFID label with innovative RFID technologies to provide best-in-class solutions to our customers. Our RFID labels are widely used for supply chain and inventory to enable RFID tracking. Each label tag can be printed and encoded to your specification.

RFID label combine a variety of inlays (each having a unique chip, bonding wire, and antenna) with a variety of printable materials to make them suitable for a wide range of applications in a wide range of environments.

The finished RFID label can be supplied on a roll or by piece. It depends on your requirements. For the encapsulate chips is HF, NFC, UHF for optional.

Our Advantages

– RFID technology experience over 2 decades in design and manufacturing
– RFID antenna researching and design with etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications
– Inserting, converting, encapsulation for diverse environments and applications
– Various RFID Label designs for HF, NFC, UHF
– Reputation for delivering the highest and consistent quality RFID products
– Competitive price and high quality products for the European and the US market
– Comprehensive manufacturing ability for customized design
– Offered billions inlays for top level RFID projects
– HACTag design RF NFC inlay for anti-counterfeit purposes on the wine bottles, pharmaceutical containers, documents, packages and industrial asset tracking

Our smart label come designed ready to work with a variety of RFID printers. Please speak with one of our RFID experts to ensure the RFID equipment you operate is compatible with one another.

For further details, please

HUAYUAN HF Products List HUAYUAN UHF Products List

HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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