NFC Tag Programme

Can the NFC Tag only be programmed one time?

NFC Tag programme has two way :

1, One type is NFC Tag programmed/encoding & locked, when it get locked people can no longer rewrite the data,
2, Another is while writing the data it doesn’t get locked, people can rewrite the data continuously.

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RFID Wristband Personalize

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RFID Keyfob Personalize

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What’s The Difference Between NFC Card & Mifare 1k Classic Card ?

We are small software company based in Sydney Australia. We focus to Point of sale system for hospitality and retail. We would like to use your NFC cards in our customers shops for customer loyalty program. What’s The Difference Between NFC Card & Mifare 1k Classic Card ?

1, The products you need is our professional main products in 10 years;
2, NFC card with MIFARE 1K chip is common products can read by most of NFC mobile, but in some Samsung mobile or HTC mobile may cannot read it, of mifare class IC is not full compatible for NFC protocol. you’d better used NTAG Chip or compatible which can be accepted for every NFC facilitys
3, I suggest not only card size, it might be a little boring for some younger, there are many stylish design like stickers keytag, epoxy tag, silicon tag, etc, please found attached catalogue for your reference;
4, We had some big client is Australia, we had offer years for the biggest cafe company with NFC loyalty cards.
5, Please feel free contact me if any thing I can help .

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Do you have very big memory card to save 8 kilobyte data for 6 years ?

Do you have very big memory card to save 8 kilobyte data for 6 years ?

I would like to know what is purpose of this card, what is the system working for?

As the experience, I don’t think it is a good way to use big memory card. As the banking card, it is only a secure key for access, most importante data never left inside card!

But big memory card can store this data for 20 years for sure, but costly and need more than 5 second to read or write all data inside, and the roughly per unite price is at least 3.0USD, Ex-work Factory.

Please feel free to contact me, we will make our best effort if any thing we can help for you.

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Does HUAYUAN has lots of experience in card ticketing projects ?

Our customer is a company delivering road toll and ticketing solutions here · They are establishing a RFID or NFC ticketing card .

I have some initial questions:
1) We need to convince the customer that HUAYUAN as our supplier has lots of experience in ticketing. Could you provide me information about Huayuan’s RFID card ticketing experiences? Primarily information about scale of business and cases would be highly appreciated. Both information about sales globally and Northern Europe/Scandinavia-specific information would be useful.
2) The customer will be concerned about quality assurance. Could your provide information about your quality assurance measures for making sure that the cards are personalized correctly and will work correctly?
3) Which is the most commonly used chip for ticketing cards for LF RFID, HF RFID and NFC respectively?

HUAYUAN, my company is a professional card manufacturer for 21 years, we are the member of ICMA.

We have rich experience in card production for public transportation, most of them assembling MIFARE classic 1k, or Ultralight or Ultralight C, for alternative purpose in e-ticking, any and our main market in Europe.

It’s very serious and security for prepaid card or cashless payment, the system integrator had been meticulously designed base on whole system software, data server, system sever, data configuration of card, and terminal reader and facility corresponding in AFC system. So we had right to define chip of card, even the content of data inside card, they will share encryption detail information only after a formal.

NDA contract between us if they need card initialized at our side.

And your country will not accept PVC card for there is a regulation for many years in environmental protection, only PETG card with very good offer above.

Please try your best to get detail specific requirement of cards for this project, then we had chance to going on.

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UHF label tag for Retail (footwear industry)

Labels want to paste under the footbed.

Can you give me as the possibilities following information: indicative prices, operating range, temperature resistance, working environment, range, orientation in relation to the reader?

We want to use RFID to manage manufacturing processes, logistics, supply chain, retail and marketing. The main functionality is to be an improvement of logistics and supply, and retail.

It is important that the reader was able to identify all the tags on the pallet (may be more than 200 tags in different orientations)

As you know there are lots of advantages about RFID, meanwhile with lots weakness we had to deal with, that is our experience and should responsible for customized design to avoid any problem with specific design. There are some typical format like RFID tag on paper carton, as a matter of fact, many RFID requirement is individual. Our capability is design a suitable tag from RFID antenna, to finished products regarding different project demand.

UHF RFID did have be more and hotter in market, and I believe this trend will keep many years in future. It can read and write large volumes and collect data in seconds instead of opening boxes to scan the barcode piece by piece, up to thousands of tag data can be collected in 2-3 seconds as EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF standard aiming for. Of course, it depend on reader and antenna design and lot of tough thing in project implementation.

As the project you facing, is it means UHF tag need to insert or assembling into foot bed of shoes, we had experience on pilot project in USA, but we need to know the environment of production process, Chemical composition if attached, heat resistant temperature, pressure during production, and its target lifespan. Or need a UHF tag stick on the surface of shoes or container that would be very easy to fulfill by normal paper tag.

We had also some solution for RFID tag not only work for asset tracking, but also can responsible for brand protection, with destructible design to prevent any one try to peer off and transfer other place.

Then there is a new RFID tag we just push to market, a RFID tag with UHF and HF NFC interface, both frequency can read and write tag with UHF in logistic, supply chain and retail management, end user can read tag for customer service, re-buying, and authorization the product NFC mobile device.

And with world class level production equipment, we can offer great RFID tag in very competitive price and quality, any I would like to invite you visiting us at your convenience to China.

I would like to know how about your technicians for RFID, it would be not so difficult if they familiar with barcode technique, if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us, expect our good cooperating begin soon.

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RFID label for glass vials

I look for on RFID labels up to 10ml glass vials I want self-adhesive 20×60 ?

I can suggest you two alternative technique for your application,one NFC(13.56MHz) and another one is  UHF 868MHz.

NFC is good for working under liquied environment,and can program data by NFC mobile phone which is very popular these days. UHF tag had advantag in mass read in one time. which is trend for most of logsitc system.

We can design any RFID products fulfill your targe requirement,please let me know your detail of application,and target quantity annually,and bugget for this system.

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NFC label tags for Bible

We manufacture 3.7 million bibles a year, we intend to put RFID at all. I need guidance to do that, is the first time we will use RFID, could you help me? I need three different situations:

1, Generate an ID per product;
2, Transfer codes content to smartphones or other reader (maximum if you can);
3, Counting stock products. We desire the RFID is not apparent and orinting a QR code in variable data on the labels face.

What’s your best price for us to meet?

Thanks for you inquiry, it is our pleasure if can offer our products inserting in Bibles you produced.

HUAYUAN is a professional RFID technology company for 21 years, NFC is update technology base on RFID. Regarding your project, I would like to give you suggestion as below:
1, A NFC label , size can be 30-40mm, square or round, with colorful printing to match you bible as back ground, it is a simple solution, you need to sticker it on definite place for easy to read it. But it must be visible and might be teared off.
2, A middle part of NFC page, it means we will produce a special NFC paper in the bible which is a part of your bible, which can be color printed, and laminated as your detail specification.  It does be complicated, but it will be easier for you to produce a finished bible, please sent me a draft of your bible, or some picture, maybe I can share more idea might be useful for you.
3, The core part of NFC chip or inlay is very cheaper, and as second choice above NFC page need to evaluate the cost of assembling cost to a page.

I highly suggest a NFC tag instead of RFID tag, which can be read out from all of NFC smartphone.
I think you have technical people developed APP on smart phone already, and need their confirmation about memory size for ID number and any other requirement in technical. We can present our experience and knowledge for this project if you need.
If you interesting, I can send some free NFC tag sample for your reference, please info me your express account if you have.

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I’m looking for UHF LAUNDRY TAG with the following specifications:

– Small (17-20mm)
– Button (formed like a button in clothing)
– Laundry tag (should be abel to withstand 85 degrees celsius in warm water with detergent in it)
– Made from strong material – perhaps pps material
– One hole in the middle of the tag
– UHF RFID tag
– Effective reding distance of 30-50 cm

Yes, our UHF PPS laundry tag can meet you requirement, only the size is a little big, Dia 26mm.It can suffer 85 C degress, with 2 holes in center of tag, read distance up to 1 meter in fixed reader antenna. The unit price depend on one shipment quantity .

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RFID Laundry Tags (2)


RFID Tag For Manufacturing Industry

Our company, is in the market since 1979 supplying various equipment, tools and accessories to the industry, mainly the mould manufacturing industry.

Since we are in close connection with the needs of such specific market, lately we have been asked about solutions object tracking during the preparation of the various mold pieces.

We have been developing a card reader/writter as well as a software which as the most common fields of data to write in the tag and to match with the database.

Since your RFID tags characteristics match with our needs, we would like to ask you about prices and commercial conditions practiced by your company.

I believe you must have plant of experience in tracking, identification and management with computer and database system.

HUAUAN is a focus in RFID /NFC products R&D and manufactory millions every month starting from smart card manufacture in 21years ago, I’m very interesting to cooperating with you for long term cooperation.

All our job is encapsulation various RFID transponder to meet diverse requirement in different environment and technical performance, I think we are right company had experience to fulfill system requirement in your project.

There are many facts can be influence the cost of RFID products, we can give you some best suggestion with our experience for decade, to find an economic way for your demand.

As the words you enquired is T5577 disk tag, it is laminated PVC tag similar to smartcard or RFID card but in small size, it is cheap one, with Low frequency technology it is not so sensitive in environment with humility or metal nearby, The chip can be store 330 bit data and with different format can be used. The price of T5577 tag unit price is around 0.5-0.8 depend on quantity you will sourcing.

Please feel free to contact me, I can find some free samples to you please let me know what you are interesting for.

For further details, email:  info@huayuansh.com

NFC disc tag  (1) NFC disc tag  (2) NFC disc tag  (3)

Tamper Proof Solution for Street Surfing

I am the Product Manager of Street Surfing Worldwide.

We are looking for developing some NFC Tags that can add some info to our products. Our main purpose with adding NFC tags is to verify if our products are genuine. We glue a tag to every product we make, and then we have an auditor that goes around the stores a check if that is genuine Street Surfing product through NFC code (with a smartphone or similar).

I don’t know if you can help us, but our main objective on using NFC Tags is very simple:
we want to encode (in your factory) a single defined password for every tag and with a smartphone or a NFC reader we can read the tag and input the correct password and, after approval, appears the word “Genuine Street Surfing Item”. The Tag could not be reprogrammable once it leaves your factory. I think this idea must be simple to produce.

Can you provide us some more info aboutyourselves? Maybe an email presentation.

We are open to receive some feedback and some suggestions that may fit both companies business profile.

There are various flexible solutions for identity the genuine products, high depend on purpose of individual situation, mainly there are several type of ways as below,
1, NFC chip programming
Encrypted, permanent protect data, chip UID (unique read only code) encoded in every Street Surfing products before sale.

A tamper proof NFC tag is a onetime using sticker, it will be definitely broken when tear off to prevent any one try to migrant it to any other place.

3, APP for verification
The APP in android with your logo and information can automatic read the tag with software program to decode the information in chip, to

A, Verified chip UID number can be found in your production list
B, verified the chip data match protocol of we encoded before
C, display or voice announce the result of verification
D, * Additional function: share the group information sharing platform for your client communities, and share your social media by only tag the icon in APP.

4, Cloud application and database for verification.
The top security system should running critical data support by online and offline, it can by your choice if the risk of counterfeit is great harmful for your business of a huge quantity of products or revenue in your firm. Counterfeiters must balance the benefit from fabrication and cost of crack protection.

We hope to give your properly suggestion base on your detail business information, like cost of your products, annual sales volume, how may counterfeit proportion for your street surfing products. We are confident to provider you a cost effective and secure solution for sure.

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How to prepare the card printing design ?

Printing design is JPG or only convert it to .cdr that is not able to print in printing industrial .

Photoshop .JPG is not able to print. Please send card design in .cdr(corelDRAW) or .AI(Illustrator) format. There are several characters of the .cdr or .ai format.

Firstly it is made up of several parts and any part is separate(picture part and letter part is separate.If the letter is in two kind of language,they are also separate. ) that could be modified;

Secondly there is C,M,Y,K data in vector file.

Thirdly.when you magnify the card desigh in .cdr or .ai format(or you convert it to .psd),it is still clear enough.If the card design is .psd or eps format,it is a whole(not made up of seperate parts and couldn’t be modified.Besides when you magnify it(in .psd or .eps,etc or you convert it to .cdr),it is blurry.

Sample picture(vector file) for your reference,please open it and you will find the characters.

Artwork Specifications:
CDR, PDF or AI files are required;
Tones and screens need to be converted to solids;
Broken lines, weak lines, or smeared art cannot be imprinted;
Outline all fonts in the artwork files;
File resolution must be over than 300DPI;


We cannot use logos/artwork that are copied from a website as these images;
are low resolution and will produce a jagged, pixilated imprint with poor quality results.

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Card Inlay layout for card production

As we know, the card inlay (card prelam) is normally used for the card production, and the size should be exactly the same as customer’s device, or else it will be unuseful.

We’d like to get card inlay (card prelam) layout or draft to evaluate if we can provide it first. So that we could quote a favorable price soon.

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What’s The Difference for Each Type of Event Wristband

HUAYUAN provides various RFID wristbands / bracelets from various materials, such as silicone, plastic, woven(cloth), fabric,  paper, TYVEK, PVC/ABS, TPU, vinyl, etc.

A simple map can help to you know the difference for each type of RFID Event Wristband , help you to choose correct product for your event :


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Does HUAYUAN has lots of experience in library management projects ?

HUAYUAN focused on the RFID technology for 22 years and offers a range of solutions based on customization projects.

RFID Library Labels or tags are widely used for automatic data capture in library applications (i.e., academic, public, corporate, and other special applications). RFID technology provides an enhanced user experience for library applications and in related industries that require item tracking. For the library market, these tags provide convenient solutions for self check-in/check-out, RFID gate, library article return, product sorting, theft prevention, and queue busting.

Below are some hot design antenna for library management for you reference. If you are looking for a specific Library Labels or tags, please contact us via email or phone to get your customized RFID Library Label.library

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