HUAYUAN S8000 RAIN UHF RFID Fixed Reader adopts IMPINJ’s INDY R2000 to increase performance and improve efficiency. This UHF RFID Fixed Reader delivers item visibility with good quality, high performance and reliability necessary for robust solutions. Our UHF RFID fixed data terminal provides high performance coupled with full-featured computing and intuitive operation.

1. S8000 RAIN UHF RFID Fixed Reader Specification

UHF RFID Fixed Reader

Impinj R2000 Built-in: Based on Impinj R2000 module which is stable and mature.
Based on Freescale Platform:  IMX6S(Solo) / IMX6DL(Dual) / IMX6Q(Quad), 800MHz vehicle grade CPU.
Compact Size:  133(L) * 84(W) * 22mm(H) Surprisingly compact CNC aluminum body, very convenient to deploy.
Online Upgrade: The OS kernel and APP can be updated online remotely.
POE Power: 25W max, IEEE 802.3 supported.
Wide Voltage: Wide voltage input range from DC6V to DC36V.
Powerful OS Based: Linux 4.9.11/ Android 7.0 (for Quad core CPU and 2G RAM only)
RAM + ROM: Spider-8000-Lite: 512MHz+4G (for Solo core CPU only)
Spider-8000: 1G+8G; 2G+16G/ 2G+32G (Optional)
HDMI Output Supported: HDMI D Type interface,peak transmission speed 5GB/s.
1080P, 720P supported.
Micro USB OTG Interface: USB 2.0OTG, MicroUSB interface.Compatible USB 2.0 Peripherals.
Dual-Band WIFI Supported: SMA interface for external 2.4G/ 5G antenna.
High-speed Internet Interface: 450M/ 100M/ 10M adaptive Ethernet.
GPIO: 4 inputs, 4 outputs. Up to 8kV isolation voltage.
Classy Industrial Design: Compact and artistic design with CNC aluminum material.

2. Anti-Collision Algorithm Comparison

UHF RFID Fixed Reader

Standard fixed Q algorithm
* Standard 18000-6C algorithm.
* The performance is reduced significantly when tag quantity gets larger.
* The efficiency is not high when tag quantity is small.

Impinj dynamic Q algorithm
* The algorithm of Impinj.
* It has a good efficiency for various tag quantities.
* It sacrifices some performance for the sake of compatibility.

–Search dynamic Q algorithm V1.0
* Based on Impinj dynamic Q algorithm.
* The performance is optimized.
* It’s the algorithm for firmware version 6.6 or below.

–Search dynamic Q algorithm V2.0
* Based on Impinj dynamic Q algorithm.
* It’s a brand new data structure, the performance of which is significantly improved for firmware version 6.7 or above.
* The improvement of performance can be easily sensed after the first round of inventory especially when the tag volume increases.

1.The test is on same hardware platform in real applications (Taking Impinj dynamic Q algorithm as the reference which is marked with 100%).
2.The chart shows the comparison for the first round inventory performance.
3.It is tested on the same hardware platform.

3 . UHF RFID Fixed Reader Physical and Electrical Characteristics

UHF RFID Fixed Reader UHF RFID Fixed Reader

Dimensions : 133(L) * 84(W) * 22mm(H)
Weight : 0.9kg
Material : CNC Aluminum
Input Voltage : DC 6V ~ 36 V
POE Power: Supported
Operating Current: 1.5A +/-5% @ DC 12V Input
Operating Temperature: – 20 °C~+ 85 °C
Storage Temperature: – 40 °C~+ 85 °C
Operating Humidity: <95% ( + 25 °C)
Air Interface Protocol: EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Spectrum Range: 902Mhz – 928Mhz, 865MHz – 868MHz(Optional)
Supported Regions:
US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC
Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208
Mainland China
Output Power: 18-26 dBm
Output Power Precision: +/- 1dB
Output Power Flatness: +/- 0.2dB
Receive Sensitivity: <-85dBm Peak Inventory Speed: >700 tags/ s
Tag RSSI: Supported
Antenna Detector: Supported
Ambient Temp Monitor: Supported
GPIO: 4 inputs, 4 outputs
HDMI: HDMI D Type interface
Online Upgrade:L Supported
Heat Dissipation: Air cooling

4. UHF RFID Fixed Reader PIN Assignments

UHF RFID Fixed Reader

PIN ID Function
① HDMI: HDMI D Type interface
② GPIO: 4 inputs, 4 outputs.
③ POWER: DC 6V ~ 36V
④ Reset Reset
⑤ Ethernet: 450M/ 100M/ 10M adaptive Ethernet.
POE supported, 25W max, IEEE 802.3 supported.
⑥ WIFI: SMA interface for external 2.4G/ 5G antenna.
⑦ Micro USB: USB 2.0 OTG

For further details about UHF Fixed RFID Reader, please email:

HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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