R2000 Reader Module Series

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1. R2000 Reader Module View


2. Key Features


3.Evaluation Kit

M-2600 Evaluation Kit:


M-2800 Evaluation Kit


M-2800 -1 M-2800

M-2900 Evaluation Kit


M-2900-1 M-2900

4. Electrical Characteristics


When the temperature, measured by the ambient temperature measurement function, exceeds 60°C, please do not keep the device working at full capacity.
◆ Please connect the device to heat sink when it continuously work at full load.
◆ Supply voltage must not exceed 5V, otherwise it will damage the internal protection circuit.
◆ Be cautious if set RF output power over 30dBm, as the peak current and internal temperature will increase significantly.

For further details about R2000 Reader Module Series, please email: info@huayuansh.com

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