Public Transport

Contactless RFID cards for metro, subway and other public transport systems offer numerous benefits compared to conventional contact-based tickets. As the ticket validation is carried out without direct contact to a reader, public transportation organizations are able to realize cost-savings through reduced maintenance efforts for mechanically heavily stressed equipment in conventional, contact-based mass transportation systems. Furthermore, the ticket validation process is much quicker than manual stamping thus reducing waiting queues and offering a convenient entry process for passengers.

Public Transport

RFID based public transportation applications help significantly increase efficiency with several millions of passengers per day that need to be equipped with reliable and convenient access solutions. The adoption of contactless entry systems in public transportation is growing not only for high-quality access cards. Public carriers increasingly seek to improve their systems with comprehensive solutions that cover the entire range of tickets used.

HUAYUAN offers a range of products designed for RFID based public transport application:
NFC Business Card
– NFC Paper Card
– 13.56Mhz RFID Card
– RFID Paper Ticket
– Epoxy Rfid Keytag

HUAUAN delivers millions of RFID cards every month into the global market, especially into the European and the USA market. Our experienced engineers and specialized team of workers check every single card for quality and performance to ensure the reliability in every corner of the world.

We are familiar with Heidelberg offset printing printers, Pre-laminating RFID card transponders by assembling copper wire embedded antennas on PVC sheets and RFID modules, sandwich pre-lamination and printing parts as well as precise punching and shaping equipment.

OUR Public Transport Card ADVANTAGES:
  • Professional manufacturer for more than 21 years in the card industry;
  • Very first standardized contactless card manufacturer in China;
  • High tech R&D for customized RFID products;
  • Capable to do complex orders;
  • Extensive know how in the card manufacturing technology;
  • Competitive pricing and fast delivery times;
  • 13 years of presence in the  European market;
  • Successful cooperation with leading chip manufacturers like NXP, Infineon, EM, TI etc.

If you are looking for a specific RFID product and you cannot locate it on our website, please contact us via email or phone to discuss your requirements.

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NFC Paper Card
NFC Paper Card (2)
NFC Hang Tags (2)
HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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