Plastic NFC Wristband

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HUAYUAN provide various Plastic NFC Wristband, which is designed for easy wear by person. It is a great solution for identification, access management, hospital management, spa, gymnasiums, water parks, and many other events. They are available with the most common NFC chip types on request.

The most Plastic NFC Wristband is adjustable band that fit for any poeple . It has many types for optional .

  • WP-01, WP-05 are popular items in markets and are mostly used for Spa,gymnasium etc.
  • WP-08 is designed for jail as the metal lock is for one-time use,it need a pliers to destroy or open. Most clients use them for jail management and Navy etc.
  • WP-10, WP-11 and WP-12 are specials with different Nylon Velcro. You can also choose a different band.
  • WP-14 is a new wristband with an optional plastic or metal buckle.

These Plastic NFC Wristband can be printin logo, number and eencoding as per your request.

There are many types of plastic RFID wristbands, each designed for a specific application. Our plastic RFID wristbands are the perfect solution for water parks, concerts, and many other events.

HUAYUAN Plastic wristbands

More specifications of each wristband, please link: Each Wristband specification

These Plastic NFC Wristband can be custom ordered with your graphic in any colour. Speak to us for more information.

Plastic NFC Wristband Chip Available

– ISO15693 13.56Mhz: ICODE ® SLI, ICODE ® SLIX,  Tag-it 2048, etc.
– ISO18082 13.56Mhz: NTAG ® 210, NTAG ® 212, NTAG ® 213, NTAG ® 214, NTAG ® 215, NTAG ® 216, Topaz512, etc.
– ISO14443A 13.56Mhz: MIFARE Classic ®, MIFARE Ultralight ®, MIFARE ® DESFire ® EV1, MIFARE Plus ®, etc.

If you are looking for a specific Plastic NFC Wristband product and it is not on our website. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your business needs.

For further details,

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