On Metal UHF Label

The UML20/UML30/UML80 On Metal UHF Label is a specially designed UHF thin label for thermal printing and easy to install on a metal surface and liquid environments. Operates properly in optional ultra-high frequencies (European 868Mhz frequency or the USA 915Mhz frequency).

UML20/UML30/UML80 on metal UHF label is a mini size, self-adhesive design to operate properly directly on a metal surface They can easy be printed by a thermal printer or a transfer printer with the package on a roll. It is an updated concept for the UHF thin label on metal as a fantastic solution to make it possible to implement RFID applications for industrial automation and for supply chain management as well as inventory tracking purposes.


  • IT asset management, Medical facilities
  • Inventory management identification in metal items
  • Identity for industrial pipeline manufacturing and metal parts

Our Advantages:

  • Flexible 1.2mm thickness with is the thinnest RFID UHF tag
  • Printable by transfer printing for alternative 2-3 size
  • Self-adhesive design easy for implement

For further details, please email: info@huayuansh.com


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