NFC Wristband

NFC Wristband was desing for designed for easy wear by person and apply for identification,sports event management system. It also can be applied in membership or access management such as health club,patients,golf club,swimming club ,Campus,Bus Transportation,Club/SPA membership management,Loyalty and VIP programs,NFC Applications and Promotion etc.

Its a great way to record information ,providing quick scanning from a portable device ,you can pull up details of the tags owner from your held data device,this could include photoes of the bands owner. And can be written many time as you want until you lock it from further writes,also with room enough for a web address,ID or contact basic contact information.

For some business events,the organizes should consider adding URL’s pointing to further information or the scenes photos during the event. Turning the wristband into a further marketing device as well as a handy ID system.

HUAYUAN has Silicone/Fabric/Plastic/Disposible four kinds of material for optional,Talk to one of our RFID experts to find the suitable wristband for your project .

If you are looking for a specific wristband product and it is not on our website. We do also provide OEM and ODM service . Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your business needs.

For further details,

HUAYUAN Wearable Bracelet E-Brochure (29 downloads)

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