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Fake products, improper product handling and counterfeit transactions are a part of the daily challenges faced by major businesses and can damage or totally destroy consumer confidence and trust in brands and services. Certifying authenticity of the product and thus protecting the quality of the brand becomes really an issue nowadays.

HUAYUAN can provider flexible solution to meet individual request for Anti-counterfeit purpose, in fact, most of Anti-counterfeit application working now are all different, must had some unique design differ from others. HUAYUAN have comprehensive capability in customized developing a customized NFC Anti-tamper Tag by customized.

The NFC Anti-tamper Tag is rendered impossible to work after it has been removed or transferred from the original place the tag was attached. Its widely use for wine retail and brand protection prohibit counterfeit merchandise goes to market.

NFC Anti-tamper Tag

Key features:

  • Destructible NFC tag in high security
  • Experience for top level brands wine for millions per month
  • Flexible design embedding NFC in cap
  • Optional solution for both long read range for inventory and
  • NFC authentication
  • Customized wine verification APP
  • Work on NFC device

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