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If we are sensitive enough with the development of technologies in global market. It will be not difficult to find that the connection between item and internet is already getting a new trend in different branches. Maybe nowadays most of the projects are still realized by using barcode technology, but the change is already coming: Roughly maybe 30% of business or industrial projects are already based on RFID. During recent years, there has been a marked increase in the share of RFID in the market, increasing the run-over generated by RFID, RFID Tamper Tags.

The fact that RFID has become a highly demanded technology in many traditional branches due to the company policy to continuously invest into new machines for an innovative and efficient production has been widely accepted.

Permanent growth can only be achieved when companies just need to concentrate on increasing quality and efficiency. This will require a further digitization of all processes in industry. The protection of brand name is one of the most important processes for all companies which, however, is ignored by many companies. HUAYUAN offers a comprehensive portfolio of RFID tamper tags solutions which cover various fields from vehicle identification to proof of authenticity of wine and pharmaceuticals. All RFID tamper tags are 100 percent customer-specific regarding the respective application and the prevailing requirements. The following solutions are examples of the various applications possible.

UHF Tamper Detection Windshield Tag

Possible features that could be integrated into tailor-made label solutions:

1.Color print with UV protection

2.Brittle antenna and brittle material for clear tamper proofs

3.Rugged material: resistance to chemicals, heat, cold, humidity

RFID Tamper Tags

NFC RFID Tamper Tags for wine

A brittle NFC inlay ensures high security through a clear proof of authenticity. HUAYUAN is experienced in working with wine companies selling multiple bottles per month. Special features that can be combined in a customer-specific solution:

1.Flexible design allows to embed NFC chips into the closure

2.Optional technological solution to realize increased reading ranges for example to use in inventory processes

3.Identification and authenticating of wine via NFC and a customer-specific app

RFID Tamper Tags

RFID Tamper Tags for Pharmaceuticals

In the drug environment, not only minimizing the economical risk is of major importance – manipulated or fake pharmaceuticals can pose a significant risk. Tamper Evident RFID tags by HUAYUAN can combine the following features in one label:

1.Self-adhesiveness with integrated manipulation proof due to irreparable destruction of the inlay design

  1. Water-proof, resistant to chemicals and alcoholic liquids
  2. Resistance to heat and cold
  3. QR code and Barcode printing possible

RFID Tamper Tags

And these are only some of the numerous customer-specific-adjustable label solutions in the field of tamper detection and tamper evidence HUAYUAN can realize.

Stable existence on the market, however, is also based on close cooperation with reliable partners. Most of all, reliable products are what we provide to gain and keep our customers’ trust.

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HUAYUAN had engaged in RFID R&D manufacturing for 22 years. Focusing markets in Europe and USA from 2002, We hope our rich experience can give you sophisticated consulting for identification, loyalty, access , automatic, inventory managment systems.
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