NFC Business Card

Great quality NFC cards with an NFC tag hidden inside. Natural Glossy or matt finish. Suitable for NFC Business Card,NFC promotional/loyalty cards,access cards and many other uses.

With years of experience card manufacture,HUAUAN offer millions various NFC Business Card every month to global market covered hundreds of countries and regions.

Now,NFC Business Card change our life and each people should have your NFC Business Cards. Why? Intuitive. Eco-friendly. Impressive. How? Get the NFC enabled phone and NFC business card closer and TAP. NFC (or Near Field Communication) makes it so much simpler. You’ll notice that you don’t need to load any app or download any software to scan the NFC tag. Just tap the phone,and instantly the content pops up. What you get? The contacts appears on your phone,ready to be saved. GetOn be first to connect to people for your digital presence.

At present,the most widely applied HF standards are ISO14443A,ISO14443B,ISO15693 & ISO18092. And different standards correspond to different IC cards.

– Access control
– Membership Loyalty System
– Time attendance
– Hotel locks
– Payments
– Transportations

If you are looking for a specific NFC Business Card product and it is not on our website. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your business needs.

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