NFC Application

Inherit to the RFID technology,NFC technology provides simplified access for identification,payment and data exchange in a highly secure manner. Based on existing contactless infrastructure,people could carry a cell phone with themselves instead of big wallet packed with a stack of cards.

It could be a trend for the RFID card in next decade,that the format of card will shrink into a tiny label sticking on the cellphone. It could be a public traffic ticket,an identity badge,a coupon or even a credit card issue.

HUAYUAN predicted this trend already 8 year ago and with many years of experience in research and development,our NFC tag had been the first choice in many technical applications in the European and USA’s market.

A standards-based connectivity technology,NFC Application harmonizes today’s diverse contactless technologies,enabling current and future solutions in areas such as:

– Access control
– Consumer electronics
– Healthcare
– Information collection and exchange
– Loyalty and coupons
– Payments
– Transport

NFC Inlay (3)
On Metal NFC Tags (2)
rfid token with anti metal 20151109 (49)
HUAYUAN kab03-new-craft-keyfob-5_exposure
WS-08 Silicone RFID Wristbands
LF RFID Proximity Card
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