Industry Management

For optimizing production processes the system needs to monitor itself through autonomous information exchange with individual products and product carriers. Because of using RFID technology, it is possible to fully automate production processes and to organize the data the best possible sequence directly at the process point and to make sure products can find their way by themselves.

Industry Management

HUAYUAN Special RFID tags have been designed also to be used in any industrial environment. For example, RFID tags that can withstand not only high temperature, but also can withstand constant heating and cooling cycles without losing the data in the RFID tag.

HUAYUAN offers a range of podular RFID products for the Industry Management:

OEM RFID Readers
Industry RFID
Laundry Tag

rfid disc tag  (2)
RFID Token Tag  (1)
On Metal NFC Tags (2)
RFID Laundry Tags (1)
Apparel RFID Tags
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