Heat Resistant RFID Inlay

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HUAYUAN Heat Resistant RFID Inlay Tags are designed for industrial environments especially for high temperature environments for long period of time. The tag is also flame retardant tag. The heat resistant RFID transponder is a thin flexible label like a tag, it can be printed in customized sizes.

Heat Resistant RFID Inlay Tags are in great need that survive in high temperature setting such as manufacturing operations, automotive paint booths, and medical autoclave sterilization. The RFID Tags are able to reliably identify and track the container and asset are generating efficiency, highly advantageous,and compliance benefits.

With the Heat Resistant RFID Tags, HUAYUAN provides RFID tags designed specifically for high temperature environments up to 400°C. These tags developed for critical custom needs with their combination of small dimension, long read range and high temperature survivability – all at a very competitive price. You can contact us to custom your eat Resistant RFID Tags.

The Heat Resistant RFID Tags can be used in industrial high temperature environment, high and low temperature test labs, auto part identification, etc.

Heat Resistant RFID Inlay Tag Key Features:

  • Excellent heat resistant physical properties. Survives in high temperatures for days,it can withstand up to 400 degrees C for a long time.
  • Low Temperature resistant up to -100 degrees C
  • Flame retardant protection in industrial environments;
  • Within 0.2mm thickness,flexibility and thickness can be applied to various tags.
  • Alternate UHF RFID & HF & NFC antennas

Heat Resistant RFID Inlay Tags Applications:

  • Machine tooling
  • Food industry
  • Medical implants and tools
  • Energy sector
  • Automotive paint booths

Please notice that all passive RFID chip can only operate in temperatures from: -25 to +85 degrees C. Please read/write tag in the assigned temperature.

Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your special Heat Resistant RFID Inlay tag projects or applications:  info@huayuansh.com

HUAYUAN RFID Heat Resistant Tag Datasheet (1 download)

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