Disposable NFC Wristband

Disposable NFC Wristband is designed for easy carrying by person in healthcare system, event ticketing, hospital etc. It combines NFC technology with good looking and practical housings.

PVC Disposable NFC Wristbands is a kind of disposable wristbands with flexible PVC material encapsulated with different chips. Its waterproof and widely use for Water park and swimming pool etc.

Paper/PVC/TYVEK  Disposable NFC Wristbands and bracelets for medical and event use. Bracelets come in 5 sizes for adults and for children) and are perfect for short to medium range NFC  applications such as patient management and event access control.

Disposable NFC Wristband WO-01/03 is encapsulate HF & UHF inlay.

Disposable NFC Wristband WO-02 it can be encapsulate not only HF & UHF inlay,but also low frequency 125Khz.


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