D-10X UHF RFID Desktop Reader

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1.  UHF RFID Desktop Reader Advantages

◆ UHF RFID Desktop Reader PHY Chips PR9200 inside with outstanding performance and cost-effective.
◆ Chip: FT232 USB to UART, providing the most stable USB communication in the industry.
◆ All components with high-end materials and low temperature drift coefficient ensure stable performance in harsh environment.
◆ Two models: D-100/101.
◆ Read distance: 80cm-2m (D-100), 10cm-50cm (D-101).
Note: Tested with Impinj E41b inlay
◆ Host communication: USB 2.0/ RS-232/ Wiegand 26/ Wiegand 34
◆ Read rate: >50PCS per second.
◆ Super low power consumption; no additional cooling devices required under indoor use.
◆ Power supply: USB or independent power supply.
◆ Full compatible with different communication interfaces of HUAYUAN INDY R2000 series products.

UHF RFID Desktop Reader

2.Electrical Characteristics


3.PIN Assignments

UHF RFID Desktop Reader


4.Structure Dimensions

UHF RFID Desktop Reader UHF RFID Desktop Reader

Even more, for further details about UHF RFID Desktop Reader, please email: info@huayuansh.com

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