Access Control

Access Control is a system which enables an authority to control access to areas in a given physical facility. An access control point, which can be a door, turnstile a parking gate an elevator or any other physical barrier where granting access can be controlled using RFID technology.

Access control

Data security is generally very high using RFID technology. It also reduces the possibility of duplicating credentials. Secure or proprietary communication protocols can also be used to further enhance security.

A RFID based Access Control reader usually does not make an access decision but sends a card number to an Access Control panel that verifies the number against an access list. Generally only entry is controlled and exit is uncontrolled. In cases where exit also has to be controlled a second reader is used on the opposite side of the door. The typical RFID tag is a RFID based contactless smartcard a key fob a wristband or a smartphone sticker.

RFID based Access Control Systems are typically used for Enterprise Access, Car Park Access, Access to Gyms or Swimming Areas, Event Access, Library Access or Access to Hotel Rooms.

HUAYUAN offers an extensive range of Access Control products to cover these applications.

RFID EM key fob
RFID card reader
Finger card reader
RFID card reader

LF RFID Proximity Card
ABS Keyfob02
silicone rfid wristband
epoxy keytag03
NFC Reader (5)
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